The Captain’s Captive by Lyndsie Askea

The Captain’s Captive by Lyndsie Askea

Trying to find herself, she never felt so lost. Waking up in a strange place is a nightmare, especially when you’re being held against your will. Now Aubrey Elliott must find her way home. . .wherever that is. Previously… Aubrey woke aboard a yacht with little knowledge of how she arrived. Seeing the man who she believed took her captive, her memory began to return, yet she still didn’t quite know what she had gotten herself into. Did her attempt to break free put her in more danger?

Episode 4 – My Girl

Aubrey quickly evaluated all the things John could do at that point. None of them made her feel warm and fuzzy. Whatever she imagined, she was a little more than surprised when instead of choosing to exact some punishment, he extended his hand to help her to her feet, an odd warmth in his eyes.

Just as John was about to speak, Gabrielle walked past the open stateroom door, promptly doubling back to inquire about the scene she witnessed.

“Johnny, why is our guest on the floor? Mum was right, your manners are simply abysmal,” she chided her brother.

Something about what Gabrielle said sparked a question in Aubrey’s mind. Was she really being held captive, or was she forgetting what happened in those lost hours after the shot of tequila? She vaguely remembered something being off about the bartender’s body language toward Gabrielle, but perhaps it was her imagination after all. Heck, from the impression Aubrey got of the girl, they had probably been “involved.” Still, she couldn’t shake the thought of the look that passed between brother and sister. She needed more information, but got the sense that she would have to keep her cards close to her chest with the pair.

With that in mind, Aubrey grasped the still extended hand John had provided and forced a cheerful response, “Oh, don’t be silly. I’m such a klutz! I reached for the door, the boat shifted, and here I am. John, it seems, is the hero.”

Aubrey was shocked at how easily the lie slipped from her lips. In truth, she didn’t know precisely why she felt the need to cover up her discomfort, but Gabby’s smirk made her feel she did the right thing.

Johnny broke what had become an awkward silence to say, “Listen, Love. I just popped in to ask for the honor of your company at dinner tonight. The crew in the galley are preparing a culinary masterpiece, and I have a surprise I just know you’ll adore.”

Love? Maybe it was just some Australian familiarity, Aubrey thought, until John continued, “I’ve told everyone to spare no luxury tonight! Nothing is too good for my girl.”

Hearing the phrase “my girl” immediately caused Aubrey’s eyes to dart back and forth from John to Gabby too shocked by the term of endearment to keep up her poker face. Meeting her gaze, Gabby’s eyes held a wicked look of understanding. Something was wrong, but whatever it was, John wasn’t in on it. It was as though he thought there was really something between them. Had she given him that impression? Aubrey wanted desperately to remember, but she just couldn’t. Her mind ached from the strain.

Still looking at her with the delight of a man entirely smitten, John continued, “So, will you come? I’ll have the maid, Amelia, bring you proper attire. I want tonight to be special!”

Aubrey was speechless. Minutes before, she felt the horror of being taken captive. Suddenly she felt nothing short of bewildered. She had to say something, but what? 

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  1. As long as she isn’t in imminent danger, she should play along and do what she can to find out where the heck she is.



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