The Captain’s Captive by Lyndsie Askea

The Captain’s Captive by Lyndsie Askea

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Previously – After a night of drinking, Aubrey Elliott finds herself at sea against her will. Trying to escape from her stateroom, she comes face to face with her captor. Will Aubrey finally piece together what transpired to get her there?

Episode 3 – Gabrielle

“John Smith.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Aubrey looked in disbelief at the man sitting beside her.

“My name is John Smith,” he said with a crooked smile, “You don’t believe me. I know. No one ever does, but I can prove it to you.”

“Yes, please, by all means. Prove to me that you are, in fact, ‘Captain John Smith.’ Did you happen to bring Pocahontas along, or…” Aubrey trailed off, tone dripping with sarcasm.

“Right. Here.” Grin still in place.

Aubrey took what appeared to be a driver’s license in her hand, glancing back and forth skeptically from the photo to his face. She couldn’t recall seeing more striking features in all her 25 years. His blue eyes seemed to pierce her, and though he bore wrinkles from age and sun, his tanned skin seemed to make his perfectly whitened teeth shine in contrast. Trying to hide her attraction, she handed back the credentials saying,” Well, it’s not as though I know what an Australian license is even supposed to look like.”

“Then I suppose you’ll just have to believe me,” John Smith smirked triumphantly as Aubrey pretended to sulk.

“So, a yacht captain, huh? How did you get a gig like that?” Though she was still trying to appear unconvinced, the first sip of her third cider was beginning to bring Aubrey’s guard down more quickly than she intended.

“My father was something of a boating enthusiast. Sailing mostly, but I spent more time at sea as a tyke than I did in my pram. I developed a taste for it and here we are.” John’s response seemed sincere, yet assessing his countenance, Aubrey could see there was more to the story.

While she was trying to put her finger on what was awry, a female voice echoed loudly through the pub, “Oh Johnny, on with the histrionics about dad again, are we?”

“Just started telling my beautiful friend here about my history as a skipper aboard the Eloise.” He gestured between the two, “Aubrey, my wicked sister, Gabrielle.”

“It’s Gabby, pleased to meet you.” The gorgeous blonde extended a slender hand to Aubrey and continued, “Don’t listen to a word he says. I’m nothing if not angelic.” With that, she gestured toward the bartender with three fingers, winking at him as she did. He must have known her, Aubrey assumed, because he brought three shots of the pub’s top shelf tequila without further instruction. Had she only been a touch more sober, Aubrey might have perceived the look of understanding that passed between brother and sister as the drinks were distributed. As it was, Aubrey took her beverage in hand and tossed it back without question. Then, everything went blank.

Blinking rapidly to dismiss the memories, Aubrey remained on the floor, trying to decide what to do. She considered rushing past him, but how could she do that from her current position? Anyway, what good would it do? She could be anywhere, but wherever she was, there was no land in sight. Whatever was to happen, it was John’s turn to make a move. WIN $50 Amazon gift certificates by voting WEEKLY! Enter your address each time to be eligible to win. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading by email click view poll.

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