Loan Some: The Original Serial, Season 8 by Megan McLachlan

Loan Some: The Original Serial, Season 8 by Megan McLachlan

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Previously… Vera works for a company called Loan Some, that loans out friends to the lonely and for other events. At a new assignment, Vera sees a couple she met on a previous Loan Some assignment. Readers voted for Chip and Alexis Killingsworth to challenge Cole and Vera to a lightsaber duel.

Episode 3

“The Killingsworths would like to challenge you to a lightsaber duel,” said Carrie. She looked embarrassed for such a sentence to be coming out of her mouth, before muttering, “I wonder if it’s too late to go back to nursing school.”

Chip and Alexis stared at Vera and Cole with fierce determination, no twinge of a smile or humor across their faces. Chip pulled out a plastic lightsaber and started polishing it with a cloth.

“What?” Vera asked.

“Not happening,” said Cole matter-of-factly. “Either you have the money to outbid us, or you don’t. We’ll invite you to the housewarming party.”

Chip and Alexis looked at each other woefully, Chip looking disappointed as he tucked the saber into a sheath.

“I really want this house, hun,” said Alexis. “We could raise younglings here.”

“I suppose I could sell some more toys to pay for it.”

“Toys?” Vera asked.

“Yes, I’m a freelance Star Wars memorabilia.”

Vera waited for the name of the actual position to follow memorabilia, but it never came. “I’m sorry? That makes it sound like you’re the toy.”

“No, I sell merchandise.”

Vera thought the idea of a freelance Star Wars memorabilia salesman sounded ludicrous, but then she remembered she was pretending to be married to Cole in order to up the bid on a house.

“So,” said Carrie, interjecting herself into the conversation. “Does that mean you guys want the house then?”

“Take it, we will,” said Chip.

“Wonderful. Follow me into the kitchen and we’ll get you started with some paperwork.” As Carrie led the Killingsworths away, she mouthed “Thank you” to Cole and Vera.

“Well, I guess that’s that,” said Cole, motioning toward the door.

“Yeah,” said Vera, removing her hat once they were outside of the house. “Well, I gotta go to headquarters for new assignments.”

“Is it going to be like this between us now?”

“Like what?”


“I’ve always thought it’s been weird between us.”

“You know what I mean. Did that kiss mean anything to you?”

Vera sighed. “Of course, it did. Did it mean anything to you?”

“You know it did.”

“Look, Cole. Maybe it’s just not meant to be. Maybe you’re just confused. If you really wanted to pursue whatever this is, you’d have to break up with Jill, and I don’t want to be in the middle of that. Especially if you still love her.”

“It’s more complicated than that.”

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