Loan Some: The Intern by Libby Anderson

Loan Some: The Intern by Libby Anderson

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Loan Some is about the adventurous careers of Loan Some employees who are hired to be “friends” to people who don’t have any. Lily is a new intern. Previously… Lily and Damen were at a wedding when Isabelle told Lily that Damen would be hers. Lily then told Damen about it and he said he would take care of it. Lily walked onto the back patio and talked to the groom about married life. When the groom left Lily outside, Damen came out, and they started slow dancing. Lily asked what he had done with the Isabelle situation.

Episode 8

Lily and Damen swayed to the music. Lily didn’t know what to think when Damen said he had “taken care of it,” but she had a bad feeling about it. Just then, Isabelle came storming out onto the patio, her face red with anger and eyes stained with makeup. Lily became nervous and stopped dancing. Damen looked at Isabelle and sighed.

Isabelle ran up to Damen and threw her hands around his shoulders, crying.

“How can you reject me?”

Damen removed Isabelle’s arms from him and moved closer to Lily, putting his arm around her waist. Isabelle’s tears stopped and her face was full of anger again.

Isabelle pointed to Lily. “You would rather choose her, a plain, tacky girl, over an attractive, famous woman like me?”

Damen looked at Lily and smiled slightly. “Yes.”


“Because you may be beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, I know you are a selfish and cold person.”

“She’s not even your real girlfriend, Damen!”

Lily was shocked that Isabelle knew his real name and that they weren’t really a couple. She looked to Damen for some sort of answer. He rubbed his eyes and exhaled a deep breath.

“You’ve been drinking, Isabelle.”

“Don’t change the subject on me!”

“I’m on the job, so stop bugging me. You already promised that you would act like you didn’t know me when we came to this wedding. So why are you doing this?”

“I want you to be mine! I don’t like seeing you with someone else. Even if it is for your job. We have a history, and you expect me to just act like I don’t know you. Like nothing happened?”

“No.” Damen shook his head. Lily felt awkward and wanted to leave, but her feet were planted to the ground. She had no idea what was going on, and she didn’t like it. Her stomach was turning into knots over the whole idea that they knew each other.

Damen continued. “I did, however, expect you to be an adult and let me do my job peacefully. Instead, you are acting like a child and making a scene.”

Lily’s head was now running with unhappy thoughts. This was getting out of control. How did they know each other? What was going on?!

Isabelle got even more furious and yelled, “Fine! Enjoy the rest of your night with your fake persona. But this isn’t over. Not by a long shot.”

She shot Lily an evil glare and then walked back inside. Lily turned to Damen and gave him a look. Damen smiled. “Now. Where were we?”

Lily took several steps away from him; she needed space. “What is going on? She knew you and what you do. I want an explanation.”

His smile disappeared. He was serious now. “I don’t want to talk about my past because it’s not a very happy one. Let’s just finish the job.”

Lily became upset. “All right then. The job is over. I’m going home.”

She started to walk away. Damen gently grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his body, wrapping his arms around her. Lily tried to break free but instead started crying. The mix of emotions made her head pound.

“Why are you doing this? It’s like I want to hate you, but I can’t seem to get away from you at the same time.”

He took her chin and made her look at him. His voice was gentle like he was talking to a scared kitten.

“I want to tell you about me, but I’m afraid that you will run away. And to be completely honest, I don’t want you to run away from me. I meant it when I said I prefer you over her.”


“I don’t know. But since the first time I laid eyes on you, I had a feeling like I wanted you near me. I can understand if you are mad at me. I’ll let you go, but only if you truly want to.”

Lily’s tears dried up. She didn’t know what to think. Her mind was exhausted from the events of the day.

“… I just want to go home now, please.”

Damen nodded his head and took Lily by the waist, guiding her to the parked limos. Before they could get into the vehicle, they heard someone clear their throat behind them. WIN $50 Amazon gift certificates by voting WEEKLY! Enter your address each time you vote then check your email to confirm. VOTE below on what will happen next or if reading by email click view poll.

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