Loan Some: Legally Bound by Olivia Batker Pritzker

Loan Some: Legally Bound by Olivia Batker Pritzker

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Previously… Melanie Davis, Sebastian’s ex-wife, claims she can prove that Sebastian is guilty. William challenges her testimony’s validity, however, readers voted that the judge allows it to be heard.

Episode 13

“Now,” the judge said slowly. “If Ms. Davis has testimony that directly relates to her affair with the deceased, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be heard. Just stick to your own experience, Ms. Davis.” She gestured to the prosecutor. “You may resume your questioning.”

“Thank you Your Honor.” The prosecutor cleared his throat. “As I was saying, to your knowledge, did your husband know about your affair with Mr. Carver?”

“Yes.” Melanie nodded vehemently.

“And –” The prosecutor glanced at William, who looked ready to object again “– what led you to believe that your husband knew?”

Melanie smoothed back her hair. “Well,” she began, “Sebastian and I were divorced by then. I ran into him, several weeks before Mr. Carver’s death, and he told me that he knew all about the two of us and that someone was going to pay. He was furious, I was scared…” She trailed off. “I had no idea that he’d known, it never came out in the divorce. He looked so angry, like he was ready to kill!”

“Objection!” William stood up this time. “Your honor, this testimony is a complete he-said, she-said. My client maintains that he had no knowledge of this alleged affair –”

“Enough, Mr. White,” the judge said sharply. “You’ll have sufficient time to argue your case. That is, if we ever get past this witness. Counsellor,” she addressed the prosecutor again, “is there much more?”

“Only one more question, your honor.” The prosecutor smirked. “Ms. Davis, did you see Mr. Carver again after this meeting with your ex-husband?”

“Yes,” Melanie said, “once. The day of his death. He called me that morning, and he sounded…shaky. Nervous. Not like himself. We’d stayed in touch,” she added hastily, “after the affair ended. He told me about his ‘reconciliation’ with Sebastian, and said that he was suspicious of his intentions, and worried that Sebastian was going to harm him. It was the last time we ever spoke.”

“Exhibit D,” the prosecutor said smugly, “phone records which clearly show a call placed from Mr. Carver to Ms. Davis on the day of his death.”

The courtroom was silent. William looked annoyed, Sebastian had that strange, cold, glittering look in his eyes, and the jury looked like their minds were made up. William got to his feet for the cross-examination and walked toward the witness stand.

“Ms. Davis,” he began slowly. “Can anyone corroborate this story you’ve just told us? Anyone other than Mr. Carver, who is conveniently dead?” He turned to face the jury.

“Because without corroboration,” he continued, “that’s all it is. A story. We have no reason to believe that what Ms. Davis is saying has any truth to it at all. Phone records may show a conversation between her and the deceased, but what that conversation consisted of, we will never really know.”

“Is there a question here?” The prosecutor broke in.

“Get to your question, Mr. White,” the judge said impatiently.

“My question,” William repeated, “is this. Ms. Davis, do you know Sebastian’s sister, Sibyl Downing?”

Melanie looked nonplussed. “Of course I know her,” she answered, “she was my sister-in-law.”

“Of course.” William nodded. “And did you keep in touch with her after you divorced her brother?”

“A bit…” Melanie looked slightly uncomfortable. “We were close; I didn’t want to cut off the relationship completely.”

“Naturally. How often would you say the two of you spoke?”

“Um…” Melanie looked at the prosecutor, then back at William. “Maybe a few times a year?”

“Very reasonable.” William reached into a folder and pulled out a piece of paper. “Your Honor,” he said, “This is Exhibit A.” WIN $50 Amazon gift certificates by voting WEEKLY! Enter your address each time you vote then check your email to confirm. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading by email click view poll.

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