Loan Some: Legally Bound by Olivia Batker Pritzker

Loan Some: Legally Bound by Olivia Batker Pritzker

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Previously… Jade arrives at the courtroom, where Sebastian’s ex-wife introduces herself. Readers voted that she claims she was having an affair with Sebastian’s rival, that she has proof of his guilt, and that he used to test his mind control theories on her.

Episode 12

“Excuse me?” Jade did her best to look outraged while inside her mind whirred frantically. An ex-wife? How had William never mentioned that Sebastian had been married? She decided that the best course of action was to remain aloof and hope that the woman stopped talking to her soon.

“Sebastian is absolutely innocent,” she declared. “I support him one hundred percent.”

The woman rolled her eyes. “Look,” she said evenly. “I don’t know you and I don’t particularly care what happens to you. But you should know what you’re getting into. Sebastian used to do mind control experiments on me. He’s incredibly controlling and honestly, he’s crazy. I’ll be testifying to all of this. I know he’s charming and brilliant – but I would seriously caution you against marrying him.”

Jade looked at the woman appraisingly. She was sure that she was telling the truth. It’s your job, she reminded herself, as she prepared to mount a ridiculous, passionate defense of a person who was turning out to be a truly awful person. You’re doing your job.

“Okay,” she said, inwardly grimacing as she put on an outward air of stubborn self-assuredness. “You can believe that, and I’ll believe what I know to be true. Sebastian is a wonderful man who would never hurt me. Now if you don’t mind, the trial’s about to start.”

The woman shook her head, looking as if she’d never pitied anything more than Jade at that moment, but thankfully she remained silent. Jade breathed a small sigh of relief.

The trial began without incident. William and the prosecutor made their opening remarks, and the prosecution began calling their witnesses. Jade maintained a nervous air, which wasn’t hard, and threw the occasional adoring looks at Sebastian, which was harder, but by the time the policeman who found the body left the stand, she was beginning to feel at ease.

“The prosecution calls Melanie Davis.”

The woman next to Jade stood up. Startled, Jade quickly moved aside to let her past. As she did she glimpsed Sebastian at the defense table. He was staring at Melanie with a cold, glittering look in his eyes that caused Jade to shudder involuntarily. Quickly, she tried to cover the shudder with a reassuring look of support to Sebastian. She could see William frowning slightly as he scribbled notes on a legal pad.

Melanie was sworn in. The prosecutor began slowly – how long had she been married to Sebastian, was this (exhibit C) their marriage certificate, was that the correct date of their divorce? Then he moved on.

“What was your relationship to the deceased, Josiah Carver?”

“He was Sebastian’s business associate many years ago, so I first met him through my husband. After their disagreement, he reached out to me and we stayed in touch.”

“And from that point on, were you having an affair with Josiah Carver?”

“Yes,” Melanie said, her eyes sliding over to Sebastian. “I’m not proud of it, but Joe and I were involved up until his death. Of course, Sebastian and I were divorced by then.”

“To the best of your knowledge, did Mr. Downing know about the affair?”

“Yes,” Melanie said emphatically, with another look towards Sebastian. “He knew, and that’s why he killed Joe!”

“Objection!” William’s voice rang out. “This witness wasn’t present and can’t possibly know what occurred when Mr. Carver died. I move to have her testimony thrown out.”

“No, wait, I have proof!” Melanie gripped the edge of the stand with her hands. “I know he’s guilty!”

“Order!” The judge banged down her gavel and both sides fell silent. WIN $50 Amazon gift certificates by voting WEEKLY! Enter your address each time you vote then check your email to confirm. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading by email click view poll.

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