Loan Some: The Intern by Libby Anderson

Loan Some: The Intern by Libby Anderson

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Loan Some is about the adventurous careers of Loan Some employees who are hired to be “friends” to people who don’t have any. Lily is a new intern. Previously… Lily went to a meeting with her boss. While there, she was told that her next assignment is a wedding. Then, she was told that she had to have a date and that it was going to be Damen.

Episode 6

Six days later, Lily was sitting on her couch, reading a book, when she heard a knock at the door. She thought it was too late in the evening for anyone to be at her house, but she still walked to the door and peeped through the peephole anyway. No one was there, but she thought she saw something on the ground. Lily opened the door, and there was a big box at her feet. She picked it up and brought it inside.

She set the box onto a table and noticed a card on it. It read, “Here is a dress for you. I know you will look great in this, so make sure you are on point. And again, I look forward to going to this wedding with you.” There was a winky face next to his name. Lily scoffed and threw the card away. She was irritated for a moment but was curious to see what the dress looked like.

She opened the box and was taken aback by the beauty of the dress. The dress was floor-length and a deep blue. Lily thought it was kind of basic, but still elegant. She put the dress on a hanger and hung it on the back of her bedroom door. She sighed, I am going to have a long day tomorrow.


The morning of the wedding, Lily took a bath and then styled her hair in a curly bun. Two hours later, she was dressed and ready to go, just in time for the doorbell to ring. Opening the door, she saw a man in a black suit and hat. He bowed and said, “Your limo is here, Miss.” Lily looked behind him and was shocked to see an actual limo.

“Okay. Let’s go then.” Lily locked the door. The man opened the door for her and she got inside. When she sat down, she took a deep breath. Preparing to go to this wedding with Damen, she tried to remember to act like Tara Andrews, her Loan Some assignment character.

About one hour later, the limo pulled up to a breath-taking place that looked like a castle.

“Here we are, miss. I’ll come around to let you out.”

Lily stepped out and felt nervous. There were so many people at this wedding and everyone was so stunning and elegant. Lily felt happy about her dress now, but once the limo drove away, she was left standing there. Everyone was talking to each other and Lily didn’t know anyone. Her palms started to get clammy. Now, what do I do?

“Wow. You are on point. Good job… honey.”

Lily turned to see Damen there, smiling at her. How handsome he looked in a sleek, black tux with dark blue accents. His smile seemed to draw her in. Damen took Lily’s hand in his and brought it to his lips. He gently kissed the back of her hand and then looked up into her eyes and said, “It’s Jones, Ryan Jones.”

Lily withdrew her hand. “Ryan Jones?”

“Yes, Ms. Andrews.” Damen took Lily gently by the waist.

“Shall we go inside then?” Lily smiled.

“We shall.” Damen then escorted Lily inside the building.

Inside, everything was so white and sparkly. Flower petals were scattered across the tabletops. There was even a fountain in the back of the building with a big green landscape. Everything looked like it fell out of a magical book.

Suddenly, Lily’s shoulder collided into someone, causing her to fall to the ground. Everyone looked at Lily, and she could feel her cheeks burning. She looked at Damen, only to find him helping the other woman up. Lily got to her feet, trying to look as elegant as possible. She thought Damen was going to help her, but he was still taking care of the other woman. She was stunning, though. Her figure was like an hourglass and her skin glowed radiant from the sun complete with bleach blonde hair and a dress that hugged her body a little too tightly.

Lily walked over. “I’m so sorry. Are you okay?”

Both Damen and the woman looked at her. She couldn’t help but feel strange.

“Tara. This is Isabelle Madison. She is a very well-known model.” Damen introduced her. Isabelle stuck out her hand and smiled.

“I’m sorry as well. I guess I didn’t see you there.” Isabelle laughed and then looked at Damen and smiled. “See you around, Ryan.”

“You certainly will.” Damen kissed her hand and she walked away.

The wedding went well, and everything was going great, with Lily responding to the happy vibe from the newlyweds. The happy couple walked down the aisle and everyone cheered. When they passed her, Lily noticed Isabelle staring at her with a cross look on her face from across the room. Lily couldn’t figure out why she was given that look.

At the reception hall, everyone was talking and laughing. Lily was sitting at a table waiting for Damen to come back. He only went to go get drinks. How long can that take? Lily thought, when Isabelle sat down in a chair next to her with a sly smile on her face.

“Tara, right?”

“Yes. It is.”

” So you enjoying the wedding so far?”

“I am. It is a beautiful wedding. Everything is like a fairytale.”

Isabelle rolled her eyes and chuckled, “Oh please.”

Lily felt the sharpness in her voice. “Excuse me?”

“What are you, a kid? ‘It’s like a fairy tale.’ Well, honey, you aren’t in a fairy tale. This is the real world, and sometimes it’s cruel.”

“What are you talking about?” Lily was starting to get nervous. She had no idea what Isabelle was talking about, but she didn’t like it.

“Here’s how it is. I like your boyfriend, and I want him. So I am going to take him from you, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

The words came out of her mouth, and Lily was in complete shock. All she could do is just stare at Isabelle.

Isabelle smiled again. “I can see you’re in shock. Oh well. I gave you fair warning.” She stood up and smoothed her dress. “Sorry, girl, but I’m hot. And on a scale from one to ten, you’re maybe a five. Face it. You don’t stand a chance, so you should just give up. It would be easier that way. Bye now, Tara.”

She walked away and left Lily without another word. Just as she disappeared into the crowd, Damen showed up with drinks.

“Sorry it took so long. The people here really like to drink.”

Lily took her drink, downed the whole thing, and then she set her glass down on the table. Damen’s eyes opened wide, looking at Lily with a puzzled expression. Lily avoided his gaze.

“Hey. Is something wrong?”

Damen sat down next to Lily and tried to look her in the eyes. She couldn’t look at him.

“Lily.” His voice whispered her name. She finally looked at him. His vibrant eyes were so breathtaking, and just like that; Lily was pulled into his spell again. “Talk to me.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading by email click view poll.

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