Loan Some: The Original Serial, Season 7 by Megan McLachlan

Loan Some: The Original Serial, Season 7 by Megan McLachlan

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Previously… for her latest assignment, Vera enters the convent to fill in for Sister Josephine, who has a secret. Vera discovers that Josephine is a Loan Some loaner too and that she is planning to go public about the Loan Some Company. Vera calls her on the phone…

Episode 8

Vera dug through Posey’s desk to find her mobile number. She was going to let the would-be nun/wannabe best-selling author know she was on to her.

In the drawer, she found a cover letter with a typo (“My Life as a Loan Some Loaver”) and Posey’s cell. Vera dialed.


“Hi, Posey,” said Vera.

Silence on the other line. “Who is this?”

“It’s Vera, your Loan Some loaner.”

“I told you not to go through my drawer. I should have known. You work for that place. You’re a liar.”        

“And you worked there, too. So why are you suddenly trying to out this place?”

“It made me a sinner.”

“Yeah, well, we’re all sinners, whether we’re loaners or not.”

“It cultivates the idea of lies, and I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore.”

“So you’re trying to make a buck off of your experience?”

“Just do your job. I paid you for your time this weekend.”

Suddenly, Vera heard some commotion outside (although at a convent, “commotion” is just any noise). It sounded like footsteps.

“Ahh,” said Posey, responding to the background noise. “It’s dinnertime. You better go.”

“Posey, just think about what you’re doing. Loan Some isn’t hurting anybody. It’s actually helping.”

There was a pause on the line before Posey hung up.

Vera realized this was all a setup. Posey knew that she looked nothing like Vera, and if Vera went down there for dinner, everyone would stop her and she would out the company.


It was nearly midnight, and Vera’s stomach grumbled. Maybe there was a vending machine somewhere.

She readjusted her habit and ventured out for something, anything, to eat. As she was locking the door to her room, she heard a voice.

“Put your arms up and turn around.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Vera spotted a figure that looked like a priest. “OK.” She did what he suggested, thinking maybe he was an undercover cop. Did priests have the power to interrogate?

The priest then began to pat her down. “Peace be with you,” he said coyly.

Now she knew he was being inappropriate. Vera elbowed the priest in the stomach.

Only, when she turned around, she discovered it wasn’t a priest at all. It was Cole, dressed as a priest.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she said.

“Is that anyway to talk to a priest?” he said, clutching his middle.

“Get in here.” She ushered Cole into her room. He had a bag with him.

“Josephine used to work for Loan Some,” he said, wincing in pain. “I came here to tell you that.”

“I already know.”

“Oh. OK.” He looked a little disappointed, like he had wanted to be the hero.

“You don’t happen to have food in that bag?”

“Of course.” He opened it up to reveal convenience store crap that Vera wouldn’t normally eat. She dug into it ravenously, like a wild animal.

“So,” said Cole, clapping his hands. “Sleeping arrangements for tonight?”

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