Loan Some: Off-Off-Off Broadway by Rachel K. Barclay

Loan Some: Off-Off-Off Broadway by Rachel K. Barclay

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Previously… Aspiring actress turned undercover Loan Some employee, Beth, found herself on her first assignment: to pose as a dog owner and yell, “Objection!” at a dog wedding for animal rights activist, Eliza Eldridge. After getting thrown out of the wedding before she could complete the assignment, she is saying goodbye to the handsome stranger when her boss pulls in his sedan and tells her to get inside. 

Episode 6

Frank Porter raised a bushy eyebrow as Beth ushered Roxy into the car. He looked over her shoulder toward the sidewalk. “Your friend is trying to get your attention.”

She grimaced. Loan Some’s most important guideline, according the employee manual, was a mandatory no fraternizing rule. She wasn’t allowed to become involved with anyone she encountered while in character. “He’s not my friend.” She looked down, evading his probing gaze.

“Are we going or what?” piped the driver in a deep baritone with a startling New Jersey accent. Rumor had it he’d been Frank’s driver for over twenty-five years. She tried to imagine a younger version of the man behind the wheel, perhaps husky back then as well, and maybe wearing the black leather cap that didn’t fit quite right on his head.

“Well?” Frank asked her.

“Drive,” she said, using all of her self-control to not look out the window. As they sped away her heart let out of a soft whimper and sank… into what? Disappointment? A needy despair? Why couldn’t she get anything right lately? Shouldn’t she have at least introduced herself?

“I hear you were kicked out of the wedding,” Frank commented, gingerly smoothing his silk tie.

She sucked in a sharp breath. “Are you firing me?”

His ruddy cheeks rose as he let out a full belly laugh. “Of course not. I was on my way to get you anyway. Got Eliza’s call right before we pulled up.”

She faintly touched her hand to her heart. A warm relief opened in her chest.

“Although I was looking forward to crashing a dog wedding. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity you know,” he said with a wink.

Maybe Frank wasn’t so bad after all, she thought. She might actually enjoy working for him.

“But Eliza wasn’t happy on the phone just now, so there will definitely be repercussions,” he added.

Or maybe not.

He waved his hands in a rapid flurry. “We have more important irons in the fire though.” He opened a red leather briefcase, pulled out a manila file, and plopped it on her lap. “Read.”

She flipped the file open. A familiar face greeted her. “Is this Larry Williamson?”

“The state governor,” he responded with an affirmative nod.

He’s my next client?” she asked in disbelief.

“He’s Loan Some’s client,” he corrected. “View this as your second chance. He’s a very important client. We have to get this right.”

A whirlwind of questions spiraled in her mind. “Why me?” she finally asked. “Surely a more seasoned employee…”

“Look at the file,” he prompted.

She flipped through the pages. “His daughter’s run away?”

Frank nodded, wiping glistening beads of sweat from his forehead. “The Governor has a very important event tonight. The entire family must be in attendance.” He pointed to the family picture clipped to the other side of the file. “She looks like you, right? If we put a blond wig on you…”

“But she’s in college…”

“You have a young face,” he reassured.

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  1. Nice twist to the story! I think the guy she left standing at the curb should be the Governor’s Chief of Staff. Love it!!

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