Loan Some: The Original Serial, Season 7 by Megan McLachlan

Loan Some: The Original Serial, Season 7 by Megan McLachlan

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Previously… for her latest assignment, Vera enters the convent to fill in for Sister Josephine, When Mother Superior comes knocking at Josephine’s door, readers voted for Vera to ignore the knock and pretend she wasn’t there…

Episode 6

“Sister Josephine? Are you there? It’s Mother Superior.”

Vera silently mouthed “Crap” to herself and played dead as she sat on Josephine’s bed.

“Sister Josephine?” Mother Superior knocked again, louder this time.

Vera winced and tried not to breathe or make a sound.

After a few moments, Mother Superior must have gotten the idea that Josephine wasn’t there because she quit knocking. But Vera felt awful. She had just lied to a nun about another nun. Even though she wasn’t religious, she still felt like she was on the pathway to hell.

She got up from the bed, unlocked the door, and looked both ways before exiting Josephine’s room.


Vera eventually found her way to the chapel, which was empty at the moment. Even though she assumed it was risky for her to be out in public like this (even if she was supposed to be pretending to be Sister Josephine), she couldn’t stay in Josephine’s room and have to ignore Mother Superior again. It made her too nervous about getting caught.

Vera took a seat in the pew before deciding to kneel on the kneelers and attempt meditation again. She shut her eyes, folded her hands, and tried to concentrate on nothing. But in her head, she saw Greg, waiting by his phone for her to call. (Although technically, Vera realized, no one waited by their phones anymore since they could take their phones with them. They waited with their phones.)

She tried concentrating again. This time, she saw Cole and Jill. She wondered what Cole saw in her? Was it just her looks? Did she make him laugh? Then, Vera wondered why she was thinking about Cole when she was supposed to be thinking about her relationship with Greg. Ever since she had started at Loan Some, she had felt a weird connection to Cole, something she couldn’t explain. She hated him, and yet she kinda liked him. He was the first person she’d ever worked with at Loan Some, and while she’d met a lot of people through the job, he was one she had stayed connected to.

Wait, Loan Some.

Suddenly, it dawned on Vera where she had seen Sister Josephine before: She used to be a loaner at Loan Some! Only her name was Posey. Vera was sure of it. That would explain why Josephine had acted like she already knew Vera. But why would she pretend not to know her? Was she hiding something?

Vera knew where the answer to that question might be. She got up from the pew, attempted to do the Sign of the Cross (although it came off as more of pose Madonna might have done in one of her music videos), and ran back up to Josephine’s quarters.

When she opened the door to the room, she eyed the forbidden desk. She was going to have to pick that lock and find out what was in that drawer that was so important to Josephine. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading by email click view poll.

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