Loan Some: Legally Bound by Olivia Batker Pritzker

Loan Some: Legally Bound by Olivia Batker Pritzker

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Previously… Jade visits Sebastian Downing in prison. Readers voted that next, William asks to meet with Jade in private.

Episode 6

“Same time on Thursday?”

Sebastian Downing’s shrewd, bright eyes looked at Jade expectantly. She glanced over at William in the corner, who merely shrugged his shoulders resignedly. She wondered why everyone was so opposed to her meetings with Sebastian – he seemed like an odd, fascinating person and the fact that he may or may not have committed murder only made him more intriguing. Turning back to him, Jade nodded her head.

“Thursday works for me. I look forward to learning more about your work in the meantime.” Sebastian had given her papers to read, outlines of his work, books with pages marked and notations in the margins. It was almost as if they had been waiting for her.

She thought briefly about reaching out to shake his hand, but hesitated. They were folded in his lap and she was pretty sure he was wearing handcuffs. So she just smiled as the guards came in to escort Sebastian back to his cell, feeling foolish as her smile was once again unreturned. As soon as they entered the interview room Sebastian became subdued, bowing his head deferentially and walking silently between the two hulking guards. Jade, however, noticed a small confident spring in his step, and an almost imperceptible defiance in the curve of his spine. Or was she just imagining it?

The guard who had brought Jade in lingered in the doorway, waiting to lead her back to the outside world. William glanced at the guard briefly before looking at Jade.

“Jade,” he said in a low voice, “can you meet me later tonight? There’s something we need to discuss.”

Startled, Jade looked up from buckling her bag. “Tonight? Can’t we just discuss it now?”

“No.” William’s voice had dropped to a whisper. “Please trust me, Jade. And don’t come to my office.” He suggested a highway diner, which was so strange that Jade could tell he didn’t want to be seen with her – something which raised both her suspicions and curiosity. She agreed to the meeting, and allowed the guard to escort her out of the room.


The neon lights that spelled out DINER flickered and sizzled as Jade pulled up in her car. It was the kind of roadside place with nothing else around, where truckers stopped for a cup of watery coffee and a plate of rubbery eggs and bacon covered in ketchup. The waitresses all had bleach blond hair in ponytails and red false fingernails. The bright fluorescent lights over the tables were a harsh contrast from the pitch black night outside, highlighting even more, the solitary nature of the diner on the long stretch of road.

William was sitting in a booth drinking a cup of black coffee. Jade slid into the seat across from him and ordered tea. They were silent while the frosted fifty-something waitress clicked her lacquered nails against the plastic tabletop and recited the pie special, and remained silent until she had come back with Jade’s tea and then disappeared outside for a cigarette. Finally William cleared his throat and pushed his coffee cup to the side.

“I’ll be quick and to the point, Jade. I’m afraid I have to ask another favor of you, and this time, Cole can’t know anything about it.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading by email click view poll.

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