Loan Some: Off-Off-Off Broadway by Rachel K. Barclay

Loan Some: Off-Off-Off Broadway by Rachel K. Barclay

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Previously… Aspiring actress turned undercover Loan Some employee, Beth, found herself on her first assignment: to pose as a dog owner and yell, “Objection!” at a dog wedding for animal rights activist, Eliza Eldridge. After sharing a heated and humiliating exchange with the most attractive man she’s ever laid eyes on, she discovered that she must sit next to him at the wedding. To add to the drama, she just found out that her arch nemesis’ sister is hosting the wedding, and wants her thrown out before she can complete the assignment.  

Episode 5

Beth turned around to see her handsome neighbor shoot out of his seat. “She’s my guest,” he declared.

“Indeed? Well, don’t you move quickly, Richard.” Prudence’s upper lip lifted in a slight snarl.

Beth froze. Did Prudence and this guy actually have a history together?

Prudence pointed a long, manicured finger at her. “Out. Both of you. Before Sandra sees this.”

She looked from Prudence to Richard, who was comforting his Shih Tzu and clearly nurturing his own fraught nerves. “What does this have to do with Sandra?” she queried aloud.

Prudence gave the impatient looking Yorki nestled in the crook of her arm a quick peck on the nose before smugly smiling down at her. “Trustworthiness has never been Richard’s strong suite. Apparently that hasn’t changed.”

Richard shot back with a bitter laugh. “Yeah, okay…”

Prudence swiveled sharply on her spiked stilettos. “Please escort your new friend out of here.”

“Wait,” Beth whispered under her breath. She craned her neck over the sea of guests streaming in, searching for the poof of Eliza’s fire truck red hair, but she couldn’t spot her anywhere.

“Now!” Prudence bellowed in a deep, menacing growl that made her jump out of her seat.

Minutes later, she found herself standing in front of her beat up Honda Civic with an anxious Roxie yelping beside her. She looked down at the yapping dog. “Back where we started,” she muttered.


She looked over her shoulder to see her sexy accomplice—could she call him that?—slowly ambling toward her. “I thought you left,” she called.

Upon reaching her, he dug his hand into his pocket. “Roxie may have lost this in the alley when she jumped me.” He pulled out a thin red leather collar. Hanging from it were tags that said, ‘Hair of the Dog,’ the town’s one and only pet shop. On the other side was, “Roxy.”

Beth felt her face flush—first with embarrassment and then irritation. “You knew?” she cried. “This entire time…and you didn’t say anything?”

His eyes twinkled. “I told you I knew it wasn’t your dog.”

She crossed her arms. “When were you going to give me that back?”

His mouth opened in a flirtatious crooked grin. “Eventually…”

The frantic cry of a raging car horn set Roxie off and tore Beth’s attention from his gray eyes to the road. A black sedan came to a sudden halt directly in front of them. The windows were darkly tinted and impossible to see through. The car sat for a moment, and then the backseat window slowly lowered.

The mustached face of Frank Porter, owner and head of Loan Some Enterprises poked outside of the vehicle. “There you are. New developments. Eliza had to…” He eyed Richard cautiously. “I mean…You need to get in.”

She looked down at Roxie, who was frantically jumping toward the sedan. “What about…?”

“—Bring her with. I love dogs,” Frank replied with a twinkle in his eye. She realized this was the first time she’d seen the old man smile.

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