Loan Some: Legally Bound by Olivia Batker Pritzker

Loan Some: Legally Bound by Olivia Batker Pritzker

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Previously… Jade agrees to meet with Sebastian Downing, and Cole questions William White’s intentions. Readers voted that Cole is right to be suspicious of Mr. White.

Episode 5

Jade had never been inside a prison before. The guard who escorted her in seemed to pick up on this immediately, smirking as he led her down the narrow hallway to the dingy, white-walled room where William sat waiting for her. He stood as soon as she entered.

“Hello, Jade.” He nodded to the guard, who retreated from the room, closing the door behind him with a clang. “Thank you again for doing this. Sebastian will be brought in momentarily, but before he gets here I wanted to tell you not to be put off by his demeanor – he thinks that this whole trial is a ridiculous waste of time, time that could be better spent on his research…”

He trailed off and shook his head, as though reminding himself to stay on topic.

“You probably know that his area of research is mind control. I would just tell you to watch what you tell him about yourself. Don’t let him get too into your head.”

Jade nodded, eyebrows slightly raised. This was beginning to seem like some kind of horrible movie plot where the innocent girl is seduced by the crazy mind-control scientist and his handsome, charming lawyer and ends up killing someone without realizing it. She had to admit the prospect excited her a little – sitting in this depressing visitor’s room, engaging in a battle of wills against Sebastian Downing. She sat up a little straighter.

“Thanks for the advice,” she said confidently, “but I’ll be fine.”

There was a knock on the door and an armed security guard entered, followed by another guard and a man in handcuffs. Sebastian Downing looked nothing like what Jade was expecting. Nearly shorter than her, he appeared lithe and springy with a mop of unnaturally blond hair and startlingly blue eyes. His face was lined and there was a tired and resigned air about him, yet at the same time he seemed coolly defiant. He allowed himself to be led into the room and sat down at the table without a word, staring straight ahead and emoting nothing until the guards had left. Following a gesture from William, Jade sat down at the table across from him.

“So.” Sebastian’s blue eyes focused on Jade. “William tells me you’re my fiancée.”

Jade smiled, a gesture met by expressionless features.

“Yes, that’s right,” she responded evenly. “I’ll be in court throughout the trial.”

“Right,” Sebastian said softly. “And why, may I ask, do you want to marry me?”
Jade glanced at William, then back at Sebastian. “Excuse me?”

“Why are you marrying me? I imagine the question will be asked, or did you think you were going to be completely silent during your performance? Nosy trial-goers, reporters, not to mention the prosecution. William doesn’t think it will be a problem, but I disagree. We need a past, a story. And I need to know why I’m marrying you, since I never thought I was the marrying type.”

Jade looked at his face for signs of humor, but Sebastian Downing seemed completely serious. She cleared her throat and glanced at William again, who made no indication that he had heard anything unusual.

“Well,” she said tentatively, “isn’t a simple ‘I’m in love with him’ enough? And of course, I can talk about how brilliant you are, how your work inspires me -”

“Oh?” Sebastian sharply interrupted. “Does it?

Jade smiled uneasily. “Well of course I’ll have to learn more about it.”

At this, Sebastian smiled for the first time. “Yes, you will,” he said.

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