Loan Some: The Original Serial, Season 7 by Megan McLachlan

Loan Some: The Original Serial, Season 7 by Megan McLachlan

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Previously, Vera met the client, Victor Visch at the airport as planned. At the same time, Bruce called her in for a new assignment. Readers voted for Vera to ask Victor Visch for a ride back to Loan Some Headquarters.

Episode 2

“See you soon,” said Vera into her phone before hanging up. She scrolled through her contacts to call for a cab. Usually, she drove to her Loan Some assignments, but on this particular occasion, her car was in the shop.

“Need a ride?” A deep voice quivered in a hushed tone.

Vera looked up. It was Victor Visch. Only she hadn’t realized that’s how he talked, in such a low voice, since they exchanged very few words.

“I do, actually.”

“Where you headed?”


“I’m headed that way. I’ll drop you off.”

“No, that’s OK. I don’t want to trouble you.”

“It’s no trouble.”

Vera wondered whether this was Victor opening up to her. Granted, she didn’t expect to be friends with all of her clients, but she still felt in some way connected to them.

“Really? That would be great.”

Vera followed Victor outside to the passenger pickup area of the airport. There, a limousine hummed, waiting especially for Mr. Visch. A tall man in a black suit opened the limo door for them, and Victor extended his arm toward the inside of the vehicle, insinuating she enter first. Vera obeyed and found a corner to sink herself into. Victor entered next, and the limousine shifted a little with the added weight. He found a seat opposite her.

“Thank you so much,” she said, as the vehicle started to move.

“No problem.”

Vera wondered if maybe this was her chance to get to know Victor better, since all she knew about him were his taste in floral arrangements and stiff embrace. Oh, and that he apparently had a ton of money. They sat in silence, with only the sound of the tires rolling against the pavement. Victor scrolled through his phone during the 15-minute car ride.

Finally, they pulled up at Loan Some headquarters. The driver opened the door for her so she could exit the limo, which made Vera feel like she was departing in style.

“Thanks again,” said Vera. The driver shut the door and returned to the front of the vehicle. As it turned out, Vera had learned nothing more about Victor from this limo ride, but she still felt there was a story lurking there. She shrugged and ventured into Loan Some Headquarters.

Inside, Bruce Kitchen was waiting for her in the conference room, one of the lone souls still working at this hour of the evening.

“Are you a religious person?” he asked after she entered the room.

Vera raised her eyebrows. “Hello to you, too.”

“For your next assignment, you’ve been asked to fill in for a nun at a convent.”

“Is this a joke?”

“Nope. Sister Josephine is currently going through novitiate, a period of training to be a nun, and she wants someone to pretend to be her for a weekend.”

“So she’s lying. She’s already off to a great start with that nun thing. What is she doing over the weekend?” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading by email click view poll.

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