Loan Some: Legally Bound by Olivia Batker Pritzker

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Previously… seasoned Loan Some employee Jade receives her next assignment – to pose as the fiancée of a wealthy, reclusive scientist on trial for murder. Readers voted that the defendant is accused of killing a rival scientist.

Episode 2

“The victim’s name is Josiah Carver.” Cole paused for a moment, enjoying the dramatic effect. Celine was on the edge of her seat, and Jade found herself leaning forward despite herself. A wealthy recluse accused of murder was considerably more exciting than her usual cases. After milking the suspense for slightly too long, Cole continued.

“Downing’s work is cutting edge, and Carver is – was – another prominent scientist in the field. The two men studied together in school, worked together for many years, and were known to be very close until they had a major falling out. No one really knows what their disagreement was about – all either of them has said on the subject is that their philosophies diverged. Downing was accused of doing some unethical research around that time, I don’t know the whole story but it might have been related to their parting of the ways.”

Celine’s eyes widened theatrically.

“In any event, Mr. White tells me that Downing and Carver had recently been in contact again, and that they spoke in person shortly before Carver’s death. Apparently the case is fairly strong against Downing. Mr. White believes he’s innocent, and of course so do we. I’ll expect you both back here tomorrow morning at 7:30 sharp to speak with Mr. White about the exact nature of your jobs.”

Cole cleared his throat, and Jade was suddenly reminded of how young he was. Despite Cole’s grand displays of authority, he was new at this and Jade could see that he was nervous about the case. She liked seeing him that way.

“I don’t need to tell you,” Cole continued, “ that this is a major job for Loan Some. William James White is an influential man and having him as a happy client could open many doors. So it will reflect very well on you, on me, and on the whole company if Mr. White deems this job a success.”

Cole hesitated, then said in a softer and more natural voice, “Don’t get too invested in the case. I know it sounds exciting, but remember that you’re not being hired to solve the murder, judge Mr. Downing’s guilt or innocence, or even decide if you like him or not. You are behind him one hundred percent. Your facial expressions, body language, even clothing need to demonstrate this at all times. It will be difficult, sitting there listening to the proceedings, to always stay in character, but you must. In your eyes, he’s innocent beyond question.”


Back at her apartment that night, Jade popped a frozen Chinese dinner in the microwave and sat down to eat it in front of her laptop, immediately searching the name Sebastian Downing. Several headlines about the impending trial came up first, followed by a slew of scientific journals, symposia, and conferences at which Downing had been the keynote speaker. Slurping her noodles Jade slowly read through them, stumbling over the scientific jargon and becoming more and more incredulous with each salty bite. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading by email click view poll.

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