Heart of Palms by Holly L. Aasen

Heart of Palms by Holly L. Aasen

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Heart of Palms is a series involving a wealthy family that is unknowingly manipulated by a palm reader close to the family, who is in actuality only out to achieve her own goals at all costs. She has dedicated her life to a small religious sect that worships Eris, the goddess of chaos, in order to demonstrate the superiority of the religion over common mainstream religions. In order to reach her goals, this family and those associated with them will naively become pawns in her game, altering their lives out of a whirlwind of chaos, danger, and malice. Previously, Jack finds Cole, Maya and their baby Sammy have left the cabin, sneaking away without telling Jack and only leaving a brief note that they would be in touch.

Episode 12

Jack was furious when he discovered that they had left. It took him a few days before he could get over his anger. He knew he had to continue on with his own investigation into Maya’s father and the drug cartel. That meant somehow he would have to trust that Cole knew how to keep his family safe.

He was having a hard time retrieving the evidence he needed on Maya’s father though. It was difficult to document his connections to Mexico and the pipeline that went from him to the others who managed the business. The FBI had him on a watch list though he wasn’t high priority. This was a very smart man and he covered his tracks well. He kept a successful investment firm where he was able to funnel drug profits quietly.

Jack was thinking about how to pull more evidence together as he drove to work. Being distracted by his thoughts, he failed to see the red light just as a large garbage truck came through the intersection. He was killed instantly. News of his death spread quickly as he was a detective and had been in the news so much. Unfortunately, Cole was in a remote area of the mountains in California. No internet, no phones and completely out of touch. He did not receive the news of his father’s death.

Veronica was quite stunned by this terrible accident. The man who had just been in her house a few days ago was suddenly dead. Something about this reminded her of the fragility of life. She missed her daughters. They were her only family and she decided to go see them. Spontaneously, Veronica bought a plane ticket and was on her way to surprise her daughters. A very unlike-Veronica thing to do. She abhorred impulsiveness and particularly surprises.

Once she arrived in LA and made her way out to the house, she was shocked at the beautiful home and location where her girls were staying. Quite honestly she hadn’t paid much attention to what exactly Lily came out here for. She knew it had something to do with a cartoon movie where she would get to do some singing. Veronica had no idea that this was the largest movie production company in the world and their animated movies were always huge box-office successes. Lily would be an instant star once it was released.

As the door opened, Lily was shocked to see her mother standing in front of her. She was happy to see her but a little confused as it was so unlike her to just show up to visit. She gave her a tour of the house and then outside around the beautiful gardens. Finally, they ended up at the pool. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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