Heart of Palms by Holly L. Aasen

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Heart of Palms is a series involving a wealthy family that is unknowingly manipulated by a palm reader close to the family, who is in actuality only out to achieve her own goals at all costs. She has dedicated her life to a small religious sect that worships Eris, the goddess of chaos, in order to demonstrate the superiority of the religion over common mainstream religions. In order to reach her goals, this family and those associated with them will naively become pawns in her game, altering their lives out of a whirlwind of chaos, danger, and malice. Previously, Veronica is finally taken off the suspect list and is free to get back to life as usual while sensing it’s time for a change and thinks about how to initiate a new relationship as it’s time for her to divorce her husband.

Episode 11

Veronica realizes this is an inappropriate request and quickly rescinds her dinner offer. Jack was so relieved. He didn’t want to be rude but that was not how he wanted to spend his evening. He was anxious to see Cole and especially his new grandson. Over the past month, he had fallen in love with Sammy. He had never expected to have grandchildren and was thrilled to have him in his life. Cole was still unable to speak so Jack would have to wait to get answers to all the questions he had about the double life he’d been leading. It would take time for him to heal so Jack had to be patient. He had planned to keep them all hidden at the cabin until he could find a way that they would be safe.

Jack made his way to the secret cabin, planning to spend the weekend with them. As he entered the cabin, no one was there. It was dark and quiet. Everything was gone. On the table, he found a note explaining that they didn’t want to continue to put his life and job in jeopardy. It said they had a plan but must do it alone and would be in touch. It went on to thank him for all of his help and that they loved him and would do everything possible to fix the situation.

Cole had carefully planned their leaving. He had access to an RV that no one knew about as he had registered it in a made up name with a different identity that he’d created a long time ago. Whenever he purchased items, he did so with this false identification. In actuality, Cole been able to speak this whole time he was recovering. He just kept silent because he wasn’t ready to answer all of the questions about everything he’d done.

He did speak to Maya but she kept his secret. The plan he had created was complicated and would be expensive. Cole still had all access to his money through this alternate identification and numerous foreign bank accounts. First, they would make their way to California where he would put this plan in motion so that they would be able to fix things with Maya’s father and start out new. It wouldn’t be easy but it had to work. Cole was overwhelmed with love for her and his new son. He vowed that he would never be apart from them again.

Jack was left angry and hurt that they wouldn’t trust him to help. He had discovered many things about Maya’s father and thought that with some time he could build a case with enough evidence to put him and his gang away forever. Now that they were gone, he didn’t know what to do next. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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