Earth Bound by J. Zakour and Vanelle LeBlanc

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Previously… After Val’s date with Ryan, she literally bumped in Marcus on the street

Episode 15

Marcus waved his hand in front of Val, just in case she had been stunned and hadn’t seen him yet. Val had noticed Marcus’ hand. She just wasn’t sure she wanted to take it. She was still reeling a bit from her experience with Ryan. She had to be sure she wanted to deal with another Earth male so soon – if at all. Maybe she had learned enough? Sure, she’d only had a small sample size but her previous research led Val to believe that most if not all Earth males could be quite brash and filled with themselves. Maybe her job here was done. After all, Marcus had knocked her over and his response was, “We have to stop meeting like this…”

“What’s going on?” Amber asked. “I’m picking up really confusing readings from you!”

“That’s because I am finding Earth males very confusing!” Val replied.

“Then abort the mission! Go to your transport pod and return home. We will analyze what you learned from your first test trip and figure out how to proceed from there.”

Val weighed Amber’s words. They weren’t much of a surprise to her. Amber had never been a big fan of the idea of her traveling to Earth. Amber was even less enthusiastic about the possibility of increasing the genetic stock of their planet by mixing with the humans of Earth. Amber always insisted they would be too primitive to be of any long-term use. Looking up at Marcus, Val started to think that maybe Amber was right. Marcus was very highly educated by Earth standards. By all accounts a fine example of the best of human males. Yet he considered this to be the time to make a joke? Yes, maybe Earth wasn’t ready for Val and her kind.

Marcus knelt down next to Val. He put his hand on her shoulder. “Are you okay?” He asked this time in a more serious tone. “I must have hit you harder than I thought. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have taken it so lightly.”

Val smiled at him. “I’m fine. You just caught me a little off-guard.”

“Phew, your silence there had me worried that I might have hurt you.” He lowered his eyes. “I would have felt terrible if that were the case.”

Val shook her head. “No problem, I’m much tougher than I appear.”

“Are you ready to stand up?” Marcus asked.

“What’s going on?” Amber demanded. “Have you decided to abort?”

“Not yet,” Val thought back to Amber.

Marcus waved his hand in front of Val’s eyes again. “Are you sure you’re okay? You seem to be zoning in and out on me.”

Val looked him in the eyes. “Actually, I’m an alien from a planet in a parallel universe and I’ve been on a reconnaissance mission here. I’ve just been checking in with Central Control.”

Marcus looked at her with a tilted head. Val greeted his look with a big smile. She giggled. Marcus’ look of concern turned to one of ease and relief. He held out a hand. Val took his hand. Marcus straightened himself to an upward position gently pulling Val up with him.

“Well let me walk you home. It’s the least I can do. Then you can tell me about this planet you are from and I can make sure you make it home in one piece.” Vote below or enter your own comments about what happens next. If reading in email click Take our Poll or Comments.

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