Loan Some: The Intern by Libby Anderson

Loan Some: The Intern by Libby Anderson

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Loan Some is about the adventurous careers of Loan Some employees who are hired to be “friends” to people who don’t have any… 

Episode 1

Zombie Con was her first assignment, and Sarah West was her client. Lily thought about her job details the whole drive there. She parked her tan 1997 Chevy Malibu in the parking lot next to the building holding the event. Here we go, she thought.

Lily felt weird at these sorts of things. Plus, she really didn’t like the blood and gore. She walked to the front entrance to find her client, Sarah. Wow, she thought, there are a lot of people here.


Lily turned to the voice. There, she saw a shorter, heavier-set girl with a pixie haircut. Her makeup was way better than Lily’s and it made Lily’s self-confidence dwindle a bit.

“Are you Lily Stone?”

“Yes, I am. You must be Sarah West.” Lily stuck out her hand and waited for a handshake. Sarah looked at Lily’s hand and rolled her eyes. Lily lowered her hand back down.

“Okay. . .you can call me Jill, though.”

Sarah nodded and said, “Alright. So here’s the deal. Just act like an old friend from out of town. Also, follow only one rule: Stay away from Tony.”

Lily was confused, but she had to do what Sarah said. Soon, Lily noticed Sarah looking her up and down with her hand on her hip. Meanwhile, Lily looked over her own homemade zombie costume: Clothes that were mud- and blood-covered, torn and ripped.

“Is my costume okay?”

Lily looked up at Sarah only to find her smiling and waving to a group of boys. They were led by a taller, chunky, baby-faced boy, who was walking toward them

“Hey, girls. You look great, Sarah.”

“Everyone meet Jill, an old friend from out of town. Jill, these are my friends. This is Tony.”

The tall, chunky boy waved. Sarah continued. “His little brothers, Michael, Nick, and Zach.”

The three boys said, “Hello,” one right after the other. They reminded Lily of The Three Stooges. Only one of them had a similar baby face like Tony.

Tony extended his arm toward the doors of the building.

“Shall we go in, ladies?” He smiled and walked, approaching the doors. Everyone else followed. Lily was half-nervous and half-excited. She couldn’t wait to see what might happen today.

When Lily got inside Zombie Con, she was overwhelmed by all the neat things like a professional makeup artist booth and a zombie clothing booth. There was also a “meat cage,” but that was just people acting like scared prey. Every which way you turned, everything zombie and everyone a zombie.

“This is incredible,” Lily said out loud. Tony turned to her and smiled. He moved closer to Lily.

“Yeah. You’re from out of town, so you probably haven’t been to one of these before. Don’t worry and stay next to me so you don’t get lost.”

Lily looked at Sarah, whose face was turning red from jealousy. She then decided to take one big step away from Tony so she wouldn’t upset her client anymore.

They all walked around for a little while. Lily didn’t say much; although, she did not really mind that. There were so many booths, such as Books of Zombies and Zombies R Us. The group stopped at one after another, but everywhere Lily went, she felt like she was being watched. Why do I have this feeling? she thought. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading by email click view poll.

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