That Which Remains by Olivia Batker Pritzker

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Previously… Jasper has locked Juliette in his shop and is questioning her about the jewels when Juliette gets a call from Ms. Johansson. Readers voted that Juliette pretends the caller is DJ and arranges to meet Ms. Johansson later that night.

Episode 17

Juliette swallowed, aware of Jasper’s beetle-black eyes fixated on her.

“Hey DJ,” she said carefully. “I can’t talk right now, but I’ll see you at home tonight, right?” She paused, praying that Jasper couldn’t hear Ms. Johansson’s voice floating through the phone. “Yeah, we can talk about it then,” she continued. “I’ll be home around eight. I’ll see you then.” She quickly hung up.

Taking a deep breath, she turned back to Jasper. “You see,” she managed, “just DJ calling from his girlfriend’s phone.”

Jasper didn’t say anything.

“I should really go,” Juliette continued, “I told Roxy I’d be home for dinner. I don’t know anything about any jewels, and I haven’t heard from Ms. Johansson in months. I don’t even know if she lives here anymore. But I did know my parents, and there’s no way they were involved with anything like…like what you’re saying. You must have made a mistake in your investigation.”

When Jasper still didn’t respond, Juliette tentatively moved to pick up her coat. Jasper stood abruptly and unlocked the door.

“Ok Juliette,” he said. “Go home to Roxy and your brother. But this conversation is not over, and I want you to think long and hard about your parents and Ms. Johansson, and you will tell me anything you come up with. I would hate for your parents’ fate to extend to you.”

With that, he crossed the room and disappeared behind a curtain in the back. Juliette grabbed her coat and ran out of the shop.

Roxy was waiting in Juliette’s kitchen, and in a rushed, shaking voice Juliette told her everything that had happened. “And I really don’t know what to do,” Juliette continued, “because I have no idea what he’s talking about! But Ms. Johansson will know, she has to. She’s coming over tonight and I have a feeling she’ll explain everything.”

Roxy tried to smile reassuringly. She couldn’t believe Jasper had snapped and revealed his intentions to Juliette. He must be getting desperate. And now – Ms. Johansson was coming to the house! The answer to all her months of digging was presenting itself on a platter.

As they made dinner and prepared for Ms. Johansson’s arrival, Roxy began to feel guilty again. She hadn’t counted on she and Juliette becoming such good friends. Already she was worried about what learning the truth would do to Juliette – she appeared strong, but Roxy knew that she was still reeling from the death of her parents. To learn what they – and Roxy – really were would be an awful blow.


Juliette was looking at her questioningly. Roxy smiled and shook her head as if she’d been daydreaming. “Sorry, what?”

“I was just saying, I wonder how Ms. Johansson knew I was in danger. ‘You’re not safe,’ she said. I guess she was talking about Jasper but how would she have known?”

Just then there was a knock on the door. Roxy raised her eyebrows. “Ask her yourself.” Roxy heard murmured voices at the door as Juliette greeted Ms. Johansson, then footsteps as they approached the kitchen. The pair entered and Roxy and Ms. Johansson made eye contact. Roxy gasped.

It was Calvin White’s ex-wife, Flora. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading by email click view poll.

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