Earth Bound by J. Zakour and Vanelle LeBlanc

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Previously… Val accepted her first date, she’s going rock climbing with Ryan.

Episode 12

The second Val entered Rocks on the Rocks, Ryan came rushing up to her. He was wearing light blue skin-tight shorts and a matching top that really highlighted his muscles. He had a black harness wrapped around his waist and his thighs. He carried an extra harness in his right hand. His face was beaming. “I’m sure you’re going to love this place as much as I do!” he told Val handing her the harness. “Have you ever climbed before?”

“Ah, no,” Val said taking the harness. “This is entirely new to me..”

“It’s a rush!” Ryan insisted. Pointing to the harness. “Do you need help with that…”

“I’m pretty sure I can handle it,” Val said wrapping the harness around her.

“Great,” Ryan told her. He took her hand and led her to a giant wall. He pointed up. “This is pretty fun and easy. You just grab a rock and pull yourself up. The harness makes it completely safe.”

Val nodded. “Ok. Sounds like something I can do.”

Ryan pointed to the top. “I’ll go first just to show you how.” He walked over to a tall leggy blonde woman standing right next to the wall. “Dina, can you be my belayer?” he asked.

Dina smiled. “Of course!”

Ryan turned to Val. “Dina is an old friend and an experienced climber. You need experience when belaying.” Ryan patted Val on the shoulder and smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll be yours.”

Right after those words Ryan turned and quickly worked his way up the rocks well fake rocks.

“He makes it look easy. Doesn’t he?” Dina said.

Yes, he does…”

Dina nudged her. “Plus, he looks SO great in those shorts…”

Val nodded and forced herself to grin. She also suppressed the idea of making Dina think she was her pet poodle. Though the thought of having Dina fetch her shoes made her smile.

“See it’s easy!” Ryan said. He had returned to ground level without Val even noticing.

Ryan pointed up. “Okay, now your turn. Don’t worry I’ll be supporting you all the way! Once you get to the top ring the bell and I’ll let you down.”

Val walked forward and reached for the nearest rock just above her. She pulled herself up. She steadily and carefully made her way up the rock face. It was a little tricky but nothing she couldn’t handle. Val found it enjoyable in a primitive kind of way. She worked her way upwards. She had to think a little about which rock to grab and where to position her feet but all in all, it was more fun than challenging. Before she knew it she had navigated her way to the top and rang the bell. She had hoped to hear some sort of congratulations from Ryan. Instead, she was greeted with silence. She looked down over her shoulder. Ryan was pointing at his bicep and totally engaged in a conversation with Dina.

She rang the bell again.

“What’s going on? I’m picking up a weird signal from you!” Amber mentally blasted into Val’s mind catching her off guard.

“Just a little upset right now…. I’ve literally been left hanging…” Val responded.

“I know you think these humans have the potential to broaden our DNA pool and bring new energy to an old planet, but I don’t think they are worth the trouble…”

“You could possibly be right….” Val mentally sighed.

“What is your plan of action, Val?”

“I’ll let you know when I decided.”

Val looked at the bell on top of the wall right within her reach. She looked back down at Ryan and Dina. He was still flexing and lecturing she seemed locked on his every word. Val took a deep breath.Vote below or enter your own comments about what happens next. If reading in email click Take our Poll or Comments.

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