Earth Bound by J. Zakour and Vanelle LeBlanc

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Previously… After stopping the attempted robbery Ryan has asked Val out on date.

Episode 11

Val processed what Ryan had asked. This offer caught her by surprise. She didn’t know much about Earth dating habits but she was pretty certain it wasn’t normal to ask a person out while you were cleaning up broken glass with them.

“So what do you say?” Ryan coaxed. “Will you go out with me?” He smiled at Val, looking her directly in the eyes.

Val took a deep breath. She processed the events around her. After all she was here to learn about humans. There could be no better way of doing so with some intimate one on one time.

Carmen knelt down beside Val and started helping her and Ryan pick up the stray pieces of glass. “Honey, the man asked you a question,” she noted to Val.

Val nodded.

“Is that a yes?” Ryan asked her.

“Yes, yes that’s a yes,” Val told him. Not actually thrilled with her wording, but hey she was relatively new to English. Val glanced up at Marcus, she thought she noticed a look of disappointment in his eyes, but then she thought that could have been her imagination.

Ryan stood up and flexed his back a bit. “I like to take my dates on adventures. You know, make it all memorable,” he told Val.

“Ah, okay…” Val said.

Ryan smiled at her. “Have you ever been to Rocks on the Rocks?”

Val shook her head. “I can honestly say I have not…”

Ryan’s smile grew. “It’s amazing. It’s an indoor rock climbing place. You can go rock climbing and totally challenge yourself and then they have a nice bar and grill where you can sit and chill afterward. Sometimes they even have live jazz.”

Val returned his smile with a weak smile. “Sounds, exciting….”

Ryan nodded almost leaping out of his shoes. “It is! It is! Rock climbing is a great work out and stress reliever.” He paused for a second. “Have you ever done it?”

“No, once again I can quite honestly say I haven’t!” Val told him.

Ryan took her hand and helped her up. “Oh it’s so great. You’ll love it! What time do you get off here?” he asked.

It occurred to Val that she actually had no idea how long her shift ran to. She shrugged and looked back at Carmen with eyes wide open.

“The morning shift gets off at four…” Carmen said.

“Great! Then say six o’ clock?” Ryan ask.

Val gave him a weak smile. “It sounds great.”

“So, where do I pick you up?” Ryan asked.

Carmen stepped between them. “My girl will meet you there.”

Ryan stood there for a moment looking for the right words to say.

Carmen didn’t give him a chance though. She held up a hand. “She will meet you there!” she said bluntly locking eyes with Ryan.

“But she doesn’t know where it is…” Ryan persisted.

Carmen shook her head. “She’s got google and a brain. She’ll find it.”

“True, but a gentlemen….”

“Listen, buddy, you’re a good looking man. You seemed to be alright. But there is no way on Earth my girl tells you where she lives until she gets to know you more. That’s just how it’s going to go down!” Carmen insisted.

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