Earth Bound by J. Zakour and Vanelle LeBlanc

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Previously… A desperate man is attempting to rob the diner and Marcus and Ryan both have their own ways to save the day.

Episode 10

Scott waved his gun frantically around, pointing it at everybody but nobody in particular. Val could sense how desperate he truly was. She could also sense Zeke and Ryan were ready to jump into action. Maybe it would come to that but for now Val preferred Marcus’ calmer approach.

Val leaned into Marcus and whispered, “Marcus, see if you can talk him into giving up his gun.”

Marcus nodded, raised his hands higher and took a step forward. “Hey, buddy let’s talk this out….”

Scott turned to Marcus and aimed his gun directly at him. “What are you talking about?” he demanded.

Marcus spoke slowly and clearly, looking Scott directly in the eyes. “I know the world can be hard and not seem fair. But this isn’t the way to handle your problems. Luckily it’s not too late for you. If you give me the gun now…”

Val stood back and appraised the situation. Marcus did seem to be making progress with Scott who wasn’t holding his gun so stiffly. The problem now though was that Zeke and Ryan were getting anxious for action. Studying their facial expressions and body movements, Val knew they were about to take matters into their own hands. If that happened things could get really out of control, especially with Scott having his gun aimed directly at Marcus.

While Marcus talked to Scott, Ryan and Zeke started to make their moves towards him. It was barely perceivable, but within seconds they would be on him.

Val had to stop this but she needed to do it subtly. Her first instinct was to reach out into Scott’s mind and convince him to drop his gun. She took a deep breath and concentrated.

Val’s mind filled with the thoughts of everybody around …

“We’re going to die…”

“This guy is going to shoot us all….”

“Please God, please God….”

There were too many chaotic thoughts to sort through to get to Scott. Val needed to find another way and fast. She noticed the man at the table just to the right and a bit in front of Scott had a large glass of water near the edge of his table. Even with Val’s very brief experience with the vinyl floors in the diner she knew that if they got any liquid on them they could become very slippery.

As Marcus talked Scott moved closer to him. Val saw Zeke moving in quickly behind Scott. Ryan noticed this and taking it as his cue to act, he dove forward at Scott. Val telekinetically pushed the glass of water from the table to the floor. The glass hit and shattered right at Scott’s feet. Scott stopped walking out of reflex he looked down at the broken glass and puddle of water.

“What the “ he said.

Zeke and Ryan tackled Scott to the ground before he could finish that thought. Ryan pinned him down as Zeke grabbed the gun. Zeke stood up and pointed the gun at Scott.

“Don’t move jerk!” Zeke ordered. “Carmen, dial 911 and get the cops here.”

“Already done,” Carmen replied.

Val’s plan hadn’t worked exactly as planned but it did work.

The police showed up very quickly and took Scott in custody.

Val took a cloth and started to soak up the water on the floor from the broken glass. Ryan knelt beside her.

“Here let me help you,” he said. Pointing to the shattered glass strewn along the table, “Careful with that …” but before he could finish his sentence, Val flinched and whimpered with pain as she pulled her hand back suddenly.

“…broken glass”, Ryan continued. “Here let me have a look.” She let him take her hand and turn it over. Sticking out of her thumb was a long sliver of glass. “A souvenir?” he teased as he gently pulled the sliver out.

Val laughed lightly. “Thank you”. Inside Val was quite excited about the interaction. She was definitely learning a lot about Earthlings in a short amount of time.

Ryan looked Val in the eyes. “Hey, this might be crazy. This just may be the adrenaline in me talking…but…would you like to go out with me sometime? Sometime soon?” Vote below or enter your own comments about what happens next. If reading in email click Take our Poll or Comments.

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