That Which Remains by Olivia Batker Pritzker

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Previously… Roxy recalls Juliette mentioning a Ms. Johansson, who handled her parents’ affairs after their death. Readers voted that as Roxy continues her search for the jewels, Jasper learns about Ms. Johansson and Juliette is warned that she is in danger.

Episode 15

After Roxy and Calvin had gone, Jasper straightened up the room, paced back and forth a few times, then picked up the phone and dialed. Juliette answered on the second ring.

“Juliette.” Jasper’s voice was crisp and sounded urgent floating through the phone.

Juliette was making soup. She turned down the burner and walked into the other room, still absentmindedly holding a ladle in her hand. “Yes?”

“Can you come over tomorrow morning? I need you for something.”

“I’m working tomorrow,” Juliette said. “Can it wait a few days?”

She heard Jasper exhale, clearly frustrated. “No, I’m sorry it cannot wait. This is important, Juliette. Far more so than making sure people get ketchup with their burgers.”

There was a pause.

“Fine,” Juliette said finally. “I’ll be there.” She hung up before Jasper could say anything else. On the other end of the line, Jasper wore a satisfied smile.

Juliette arrived just as she said she would the next morning, coffee in hand. Jasper had already set up the silver instrument and was sitting on the couch, his back straight and hands clasped in his lap. Juliette sat down across from him and folded her arms.

“So what’s so important?”

Jasper gestured to the instrument. “This is the day, Juliette,” he said, eyes shining. “We’re going to get there today. I can feel it.”

Juliette looked warily at Jasper. They’d been working at this for weeks now, and she still wasn’t even sure what they were trying to accomplish. At first she’d been just as excited as Jasper, caught up in the magic of it and thrilled that he had singled her out. She thought they’d be seeing the future of her friends, of the town, the world. But all they’d done so far was delve into her past, something she didn’t particularly want to revisit. As her excitement waned, however, Jasper’s seemed to increase. Lately, she’d even begun to wonder if he didn’t have some ulterior motive for looking into her past, although she couldn’t imagine what.

She sighed and put her hands on the instrument’s base, closing her eyes and waiting for the flood of images to appear.

She was arguing with DJ about his girlfriend. There was Roxy, laughing in the rafters, swinging down and introducing herself. There they were making up Roxy’s bedroom, chatting and moving boxes, her parents’ old stuff. “Ms. Johansson, my parent’s lawyer,” she saw herself saying to Roxy. “She was wonderful – took care of everything.” Then a blur of images, as the scene shifted. She was with her parents, at the dining room table again. Her father was writing down a phone number. “If anything happens to us,” he said in his deep, gravelly voice, “call her. Ms. Johansson will know what to do.” Another blur of images, and with difficulty, Juliette ripped her mind out of the scene and pulled her hands off the silver.

Jasper looked triumphant. She stared at him.

“What is this?”

For the first time since meeting Jasper, Juliette felt afraid.

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