Earth Bound by J. Zakour and Vanelle LeBlanc

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Previously… as Val is talking to Marcus and Ryan in the diner, a crazed armed man has burst in with a weapon.

Episode 9

The man pointed his weapon, a small handgun towards Carmen who was standing at the register. The man was shaky and sweating.

“I just want the money and I don’t want to hurt anybody!” the man shouted at Carmen.

From what Val understood about humans, she figured the man was in his early fifties. She scanned him mentally, yes he was 54 and his name was Scott. This was a new experience for him. He didn’t want to be doing this, but felt like he had to.

Val thought about stepping in, but the man didn’t seem intent on hurting anybody. She could stop him if those intentions changed but for now she would stand back and learn. This could show her how Marcus and Ryan reacted under pressure.

Zeke moved slowly from behind the grill, raised his arms and started walking towards the now trembling Scott. “Look buddy, you can take all the money we have just don’t hurt anybody.”

Val studied everybody in the diner but really concentrated her attention on Ryan and Marcus.

Ryan leaned into Marcus, “when he gets the money, he’ll be distracted and let his guard down. That’s when we can jump him,” he whispered.

“We?” Marcus replied.

Ryan nodded. “Yeah, it’s better if we double team him. I was an MP in the army. It’s best if somebody has your back,” he said softly.

Marcus nodded back. “Yes I understand that, but my job is to read people. This man is scared and desperate, but he doesn’t appear to want to hurt anybody. If we rush him who knows what will happen in the chaos? Somebody is far more likely to get harmed that way. I feel like I can talk him down.”

“You can’t talk a guy like that down.” Ryan said. “And we need to act like now.”

“Let me at least try. If I fail then we go to your plan,” Marcus suggested.

They all watched Zeke pop open the cash register and hand the scared Scott a big roll of cash.

Scott shook his gun at Zeke and Carmen. “That’s all you have!”

Carmen flinched but Zeke stayed calm. “Buddy that’s my entire breakfast take for the day.” He grinned. “If you had hit me a little later I’d have the lunch folks in here too….”

Ryan leaned towards Marcus. “So, you with me man?” he asked softly.

“I’m worried your solution will cause more harm than good…” Marcus responded in a whisper. “First let me try to talk to him…”

Scott heard and spun towards them. “No talking!” he ordered pointing his gun at them.

Val reappraised the situation. She noticed Zeke had grabbed something from near the cash register. Scanning Zeke she knew that though he was calm on the outside he was seething on the inside. He didn’t like this man taking his hard earned money and threatening his customers and his staff.

As for Ryan and Marcus, Ryan was determined to stop this robber one way. Marcus had a totally different plan of action.

Val scanned Scott deeper. He had lost his job and his insurance, and now his mother was sick and he needed money for medical care. He was truly desperate. Vote below or enter your own comments about what happens next. If reading in email click Take our Poll or Comments.

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