Earth Bound by J. Zakour and Vanelle LeBlanc

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What came before: Fellow waitress, Lucy wants Val to wait on one of two eligible men that frequent the dinner. The intellectual Marcus or the more artsy Ryan. Val decided to meet both Marcus and Ryan…

Episode 8

Val took another deep breath as she slowly and cautiously approached Ryan and Marcus. Passing by the waitress station, she grabbed a couple of menus on the fly. Sure these two men were regulars but Val still thought it was proper protocol to bring them each a menu. Plus, it could make a good conversation starter. She decided she would talk to Ryan first. No particular reason other than he was closer. Okay, she had to admit while both of these males were attractive there was something about this Ryan that she found extra interesting. At least from her first impression. Perhaps it was the way he carried himself so freely. He was far different than the males she used to. Marcus had a more stiff and rigid way about him. Nothing wrong with that, just he didn’t really appear to be all that different from the males on her planet. After all, Val was here to learn and experiment.

“Report on your progress…” Amber mentally ordered, though Val thought she could detect more curiosity in Amber’s thoughts than normal.

“Still making my approach,” Val thought back. “I need to be cautious, after all you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!”

Val heard Amber sigh in her mind. “Please don’t use trite earth expressions on me. If you mess up your first impression you can make them forget and start over…”

“I don’t want to manipulate their minds, Amber. Now leave me alone. I will report in when I have something to report!”

Oh I so love it when you are forceful!” Amber thought to Val.

Val reached Ryan and smiled. Handing him a menu she said with as much perk as she could muster, “Hi, my name is Val and I’ll be your waitress today.”

Marcus smiled at Ryan. “You lucky, devil.”

Val leaned towards Marcus and handed him a menu also. “Oh don’t worry Marcus I will also be your waitress. Both you and Ryan will be my first customers.”

“Interesting, how do you know my name?” Marcus asked.

“My man makes a good point,” Ryan added.

Both men locked their gazes on Val. Val suppressed a gulp. “Ah, well, I believe the secret to being a good waitress and providing an enjoyable dining experience is to research and understand your subjects, er customers.” She tilted her head towards the back of the other room. “I asked my associates and they provided me the necessary information.”

Ryan nodded, amused. “Now that makes sense…”

Marcus looked at Val carefully, studying her with his eyes. “You sound more like a scientist than a waitress.”

Val shrugged. “I have no idea why. I’m just a farm girl from Iowa whose recently come to the big city to grow…” Val wasn’t really sure why she picked Iowa but she figured from her knowledge of Earth there probably weren’t a whole lot of people from Iowa in the restaurant.

“I’ve never been to Iowa,” Ryan said.

“Where about in Iowa?” Marcus asked. “I have family in Davenport….”

Val smiled. Now that was unexpected. Luckily she had studied up before coming to Earth. “Dakota City,” she said.

Marcus sat back on his stool. “Ah, never been there.”

“You’re not alone,” Val told him with a grin.

“I’ve never been there either!” Ryan said, giving Val a little wave.

Before Val could say anything else an older man wearing a long white trench coat and a big hat burst into the restaurant. Val didn’t like the looks or the feel of the man. Something was off with him wearing such a heavy coat and a hat on a warm day. The man pulled out a gun.

“Okay, I don’t want to hurt nobody! But I need money and I need it now. Give me your money and nobody gets hurt!” the man screamed.

Marcus and Ryan spun towards the man and slowly put up their arms.

“This area is going downhill again,” Ryan sighed. Vote below or enter your own comment telling Val should approach first. If reading in email click Take our Poll or Comments.

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