That Which Remains by Olivia Batker Pritzker

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Previously… Roxy confronts Calvin about being part of the organization. He denies killing Juliette’s parents and hints that there is another member of the organization in Anchester Falls. Readers voted that Roxy doesn’t tell Jasper everything she’s learned.

Episode 13

Juliette sat down on the worn couch, placed her hand on the silver instrument, and prepared for the warmth and vibration she had become accustomed to over the weeks that she had been working with Jasper. Sitting next to her, guiding her hands, Jasper closed his eyes as she closed hers. The little silver balls began to move back and forth and together they saw Juliette and Roxy laughing as they ate spaghetti and mocked DJ’s new haircut. Juliette smiled at the recent memory, eyes still closed, while Jasper reached out and slowly swung the balance around. Juliette was now in the kitchen with her parents. Her mother was washing dishes, she was drying, and her father and DJ sat talking at the table. Jasper leaned in. The silver grew hotter as the voices became more and more distinct. They were telling the children who to call in case anything happened to them –

Juliette’s eyes flew open and she lifted her hands off the instrument, breaking the connection. “I’m sorry,” she said shakily. “I just wasn’t expecting to see them.”

“That’s quite alright Juliette,” Jasper said. “You’ve made a lot of progress. I think we’re really getting somewhere.” His beetle black eyes reached hers and he smiled. “Same time tomorrow?”


“Roxy, you just missed Juliette.” Jasper frowned as he ushered her inside and closed the door behind her. “Please let me know when you’re coming over, what would she think if she saw you here?”

“Sorry,” Roxy said impatiently. “I have information for you about Calvin. You were right, he was part of the organization. I confronted him and I think he knows where the jewels are.”

Jasper looked up. “I see,” he said softly. “So Calvin kills Anne and Horace, takes the jewels, and then remains in Anchester Falls to run a restaurant? Why didn’t he leave? Or return to the organization? No, Calvin White may have killed Juliette’s parents, but he doesn’t have those jewels. Which leads me to two questions. One, why would he have killed them? And two, what is it that you aren’t telling me?”

“What?” Roxy looked startled.

“Come on,” Jasper said evenly. “If Calvin did everything you say he did, what do you imagine he would do when confronted with the truth? Admit it and let you go? He obviously hasn’t returned to the organization, so there’s no way he would risk you tipping them off. He had to have believed that you were convinced of his innocence, in which case you must have an alternate theory. I’m all ears.”

Jasper perched on the edge of a bar stool and pressed his fingertips together, gazing at Roxy cooly.

Roxy gazed back at Jasper.

Just then, there was a loud tapping at the door. Both Jasper and Roxy jumped. Jasper moved toward the door but before he could say anything, the doorknob turned and someone entered the dark shop. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading by email click view poll.

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