Earth Bound by J. Zakour and Vanelle LeBlanc

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What came before: Fellow waitress, Lucy wants Val to wait on one of two eligible men that frequent the dinner. The intellectual Marcus or the more artsy Ryan.

Episode 7

Val weighed Lucy’s words. This was something very different for her. She loved the idea of interacting with earth males. It certainly presented a numerous amount of exciting and interesting possibilities. Back on her home planet, interaction with the opposite sex was cold, sterile and regulated. She smiled to herself thinking that her people had somehow managed to make interactions with the opposite sex boring and awkward. Maybe they truly weren’t as advanced as they led themselves to believe.

Lucy nudged Val and pointed to the door, “Speak of the devils they are both coming in now.” Val didn’t quite understand the reference but she knew she’d have to make some sort of choice quickly. The first man through the door was tall, with dark skin and dressed in a very nice three-piece suit. Despite the suit, Val could still tell that he was a well-built man. 

“That’s Marcus,” Lucy told Val with a grin.

Following almost on Marcus’s heels was a shorter but still fairly good-sized light skinned, blonde haired man with deep blue eyes. No need for Val to guess about his build as the t-shirt he was wearing easily showcased his broad shoulders and chest. His arms were muscular and ripped with veins. He wore blue jeans that Val thought might have been painted on.

“That’s Ryan,” Carmen sighed to Val. “Makes me wish I was available…”

“I can never decide which one is better looking. What do you think honey?” Lucy asked.

Val shrugged her shoulders. “I have no idea, they are both quite interesting specimens… I mean men…”

“I think you got it right the first time, hun,” Lucy said.

“I’d need to gage their personalities…” Val told her new friends.

The two women smiled at each other. “Fair enough…. Wait on em both,” Carmen said. “A sweet young unattached thing like yourself at least has a shot with them. Just hope they sit near enough to each other.”

Val knew enough not to tell Carmen that she was actually older than Carmen, Lucy, Marcus and Ryan put together. Still, just because she had been alive a long time didn’t mean she wasn’t open to experiencing new things.

Lucy nudged Val again. “This IS your lucky day, they both actually sat next to each other at the counter. They never do that!”

“Yo ladies!” Zeke called from the kitchen. “Stop the gawking and get to walking. And by walking I mean waiting on customers. We’re a restaurant we don’t make any money if we don’t sell the nice people food!” He waved his hands towards the main area of the diner, “Now go! Go!”

Val took a deep breath. She picked up her order pad and started towards the two men. Of course Amber would have to chime in mentally. After all she had been quiet for nearly five minutes.

I’m detecting a weird sensation coming from you,” Amber thought to Val.

Val continued walking towards the guys, she smiled. “Amber, I told you I would update you when I had something to report!

Yes, I remember that of course. But I’ve taken the weird sensation as something to report….”

I admit I am about to encounter two very interesting human males. I must be excited. These humans take encounters between the genders much differently than we do…”

Fine, carry on…” Amber said being surprisingly reasonable.

Val continued towards the two men. She smiled. Now she had to decide which one to approach first. Vote below or enter your own comment telling Val should approach first. If reading in email click Take our Poll or Comments.

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