That Which Remains by Olivia Batker Pritzker

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Previously… Roxy pays a visit to Calvin’s ex-wife. Readers voted that she agrees to open up to Roxy about Calvin. Who is he? What did he do?

Episode 11

There was a pause. Then slowly, the screen door opened to reveal a slight, pale woman wearing a yellow sundress. The dress was too big and slid off the woman’s bony shoulders as she motioned Roxy inside. Roxy looked around the cramped living room. It was dark and cluttered, and looked as though the inhabitant had not left in a long time. Calvin’s ex-wife motioned for Roxy to sit, she herself sinking into an armchair that looked like it would swallow her whole and fidgeting with the hem of her dress.

“Ms. -” Roxy hesitated. “I’m sorry, what-”

“Call me Flora.” The woman’s voice was like a wisp of cotton. “What do you want to know?”

“Well,” Roxy put on a concerned expression. “It’s my sister. She’s been dating Calvin, you know just on and off, but she really likes him and I’m afraid -” Roxy cleared her throat. “I don’t trust him. My sister, she’s so smitten…Is there anything you can tell me about him? I’d love it if he was a totally good guy, but I just have this terrible feeling…” She sighed dramatically. “I realize this must be hard for you, but if you could help at all I’d be so grateful.”

There was a moment where Roxy gazed at Flora, and Flora gazed at the ground, trembling slightly. Roxy began to feel slightly alarmed – she hadn’t intended to make this woman so afraid, but at the same time her curiosity about the cause of Flora’s fear was growing.

“If you don’t want to talk about it…” Roxy tried to make eye contact with Flora, who was still staring resolutely at the dirty carpet. Finally, she spoke.

“No. I do.” She met Roxy’s gaze. “I haven’t talked about it for too long. Calvin was…a wonderful husband, at first. A kind man. We met when I was only seventeen and right away I knew he was the one. We moved around a lot at first, for his work…” She faltered. “I didn’t know what he did, exactly, something in business. Imports/exports, he told me. But it turned out to be, um,”

Flora began fidgeting with her dress again. Roxy sighed impatiently. “This all sounds fine to me.”

Flora took a deep breath. “It’s not. I realized what he really did around the time he lost his leg. He was part of a…a jewel theft ring.”

Roxy hid her triumphant smile.

Flora continued. “When he told me we had to move to Anchester Falls I didn’t ask too many questions. I was terrified of him getting killed, of us both getting killed…He wanted out of it but we were too deep in at that point. He told me he had a plan that would free him of the organization forever. I don’t know what it was, only that it involved other people – here, in Anchester Falls – and that it was really risky.”

Flora began to gain momentum, the words tumbling out of her mouth. “But it went wrong, and, um, something really bad happened. He told me it was too dangerous for us to stay together, that I knew too much and people might come looking for me. So I’ve been here ever since.”

She looked at Roxy with shining eyes. “I still love Calvin with all my heart. But your sister should stay away from him if she knows what’s good for her. He brings nothing but trouble.” Vote below on how the mysterious woman will react or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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