Heart of Palms by Holly L. Aasen

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Heart of Palms is a series involving a wealthy family that is unknowingly manipulated by a palm reader close to the family, who is in actuality only out to achieve her own goals at all costs. She has dedicated her life to a small religious sect that worships Eris, the goddess of chaos, in order to demonstrate the superiority of the religion over common mainstream religions. In order to reach her goals, this family and those associated with them will naively become pawns in her game, altering their lives out of a whirlwind of chaos, danger, and malice. Previously, while the sisters were getting settled in LA, Ivy was trying to get Veronica back on her feet and motivated towards the potential for a new romance in her future.

Episode 10

Ivy was able to set the seed in Veronica’s mind that she needed to divorce her husband in order to bring peace and harmony into her life and for her husband. They hadn’t had a true relationship for nearly ten years and only stayed together for the children and the business. It was time to move on. She must open herself up to a new romance. In Ivy’s mind, she thought it would be perfect for her to fall in love with that director who had “discovered” her daughter Lily. He would be visiting Oak Hill again soon and eventually Veronica would be in LA visiting her daughters after the investigation was over. This could lead to a very interesting combination.

The investigation into her husband’s poisoning had gone nowhere. It had been months, and detectives couldn’t find a single clue to lead them to the person responsible. They would be releasing her as a person of interest and the case would have to be put on the back burner for more pressing issues.

During this time, Jack had been reinstated to his position as a detective on the force. He had orchestrated a secret meeting with the police captain, Cole and Maya to verify that everyone was all right but that they had needed to hideout on account of her father, a well-known drug lord, was after them to punish Cole for his daughter’s pregnancy. They would be contacting the FBI for further protection. The rest of the story of Cole’s own drug dealings was not revealed. Jack was the only one who knew and he would always protect his son.

Back on the job, Jack contributed to the investigation into the Stanton poisoning. He would now be able to tell Veronica that she was no longer a suspect. He never thought a woman of her stature would have enough of a motive to kill her husband. He went to the estate to give her the news.

“Well, I have some news for you, Ms. Stanton. We have decided to put this case on hold. I’m afraid we aren’t finding any solid leads into your husband’s poisoning. As it stands right now, you are no longer a suspect and there will be no restrictions on you.”

“So I am free to travel and to move?” she asked thinking of her new future.

This wasn’t quite the response Jack had anticipated. “Move? Why would you want to move from this beautiful place?”

“Time for some changes, it’s not important anyway,” she said softly as she thought about what Ivy had told her about staying open to a new romance. This detective was quite handsome and there was no ring on his finger.

“Would you like to stay for dinner? It’s nearly ready and my chef always makes too food. It would be nice to have some company,” she stated quite forwardly. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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