Earth Bound by J. Zakour and Vanelle LeBlanc

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What came before: Zeke interviewed Val who is being distracted by her fellow alien Amber. Will she finally get a chance to start her work on Earth?

Episode 6

Zeke stood there waiting for Val to say something, anything.

You know I was expecting faster progress with these Earthlings,” Amber thought to Val.

Val took one more deep breath and removed her earring like telepathy device. Amber was way too distracting and going to cost her this opportunity.

Val looked Zeke in the eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I am a little nervous and jet lagged. I just moved here from a different time zone. Body still adjusting to everything.” Her eyes opened wide, “but I really need this job. I may not be the best waitress ever, especially at first, but I am a quick study and a very hard worker…”

Val accented her words with a slight smile. She knew that Earthlings really responded well to smiles but this was a sincere smile. Val felt comfortable with this man and the women that worked here. She wanted to be a part of this environment.

Zeke returned her smile. “Pay here isn’t great, you start at minimum wage for restaurants, plus tips.”

“That sounds fair,” Val said with just a hint of a stutter in her voice.

Zeke held out a hand again. Val took his hand, this time applying less pressure than before. She knew she’d get the hang of this.

“Wow, still quite the grip there!” Zeke told her.

Val released his hand. “Sorry!”

Zeke shook the hand out a little. “No problem. Wait staff needs strong hands.” He pointed with his head to the taller waitress. “Talk to Lucy, she’ll give you and apron an order pad and show you the ropes. The meal is on the house.”

“Thank you!” Val said as she stood up. She was glad she studied Earth sayings so she knew what “show you the ropes” and “on the house” meant.

As Val walked towards Lucy she put her earring back on and sent a message to Amber. “I have secured employment now let me do both of my jobs in peace. I will report when I have something to report!”

Quite forceful! I like it!” Amber thought back.

Lucy gave Val a nice white apron. Then for the next hour or so Lucy told Val as much information as she could about working at Zeke’s. Lucy told Val the most important thing about being a waitress was to make each customer feel like they were the only customer in the place. That was the key. And at any given time Val could have ten to twenty people she was waiting on so she needed to make sure they each felt special. Lucy’s two main tips were, “Wear comfortable shoes and always smile no matter what.” And then she added, “Even the jerks are paying customers.”

After Lucy completed her tutorial Carmen walked over smiling.

“So Val honey… the lunch time crowd is very different here from the breakfast crowd. Lots of handsome guys from the business district eat here,” she said with a wink.

“That must be great for business!” Val said.

Carmen nudged her. “Do you have a guy or a significant other?”

This posed an interesting question for Val. Back on her planet males and females didn’t bond and mate like they did on Earth. Reproduction was done in a controlled and orderly way. An algorithm would match you to your best mate and then the two of you would get together to produce a child. The government would then raise and educate the child. It was all very orderly.

“Nope, I am unattached,” Val said.

Her two fellow waitresses leaned into her. “You lucky devil,” Lucy grinned. “There are two guys that come in here that you need to meet. One of them Marcus is a handsome lawyer who works for a big firm. The other, Ryan right now is working construction to put himself through architecture school.”

“He’s the strong silent type….” Carmen added.

“Which one do you want to wait on?” Lucy asked. Vote below or enter your own comment telling Val how to respond. If reading in email click Take our Poll or Comments.

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  1. Agreed. It seems like the logical choice but then again she doesn’t want to appear greedy. 🙂

  2. I think both. It shouldn’t matter to see them first, as her mission is to learn, regardless of what they might say or look like.

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