Earth Bound by J. Zakour and Vanelle LeBlanc

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What came before: Val asked Zeke for a job in his diner. Will she finally get a chance to start her work on Earth?

Episode 5

Val sat there in deep thought for a moment or two. She took a nice cleansing breath like her training taught her. Her incident with the rude customer had shown her that these humans on Earth had minds she could influence if she needed to. Still this Zeke fellow seemed sincere.

“So, why should I hire you?” Zeke repeated. “I’m all for giving out jobs and my girls insist they need help.” He nodded his head. “And they probably do need help, after all I see this place can be a madhouse. But I am, as surprising as it may seem a business and not a charity. Though sometimes when you look at the bottom line I barely turn a profit. Still, when push comes to shove I can only hire somebody who can actually help around here…”

“Wow, you can talk a long time without taking a breath,” Val told him.

Zeke smiled and nodded. “Yeah, I was a Marine.” He shook his head. “You certainly have an interesting vibe about you….”

Now Val nodded. “I do,” she said. “I freely admit I am new to this wor—area and I have never taken orders for food before. But I will work hard, I am good with hu- people and I have an amazing memory.”

“Amazing memory, huh?” Zeke said.

Val nodded. “Yes, I have already memorized your menu. Egg Sandwich Three eggs with cheese on Ciabatta choice of Bacon, Sausage or Ham: 7.95, Three Eggs any style with home fries and bacon: 8.95, Steak and Eggs grilled skirt steak with three eggs any style, home fries and toast: 13.95….”

Zeke smiled. “Okay, that is impressive.”

“I especially like how you end all your prices with .95 it makes the items seem much less expensive than if you rounded up.” Val added.

Zeke shook his head and his smiled grew. “I like you…” he told Val.

“Report on your progress!” Amber blurted in through her and Val’s telepathic link.

Amber’s words jarred Val’s brain. She needed to concentrate all her attention on Zeke. This was an important moment in her mission.

“Well?” Amber demanded. Amber wasn’t a social scientist and she didn’t have what Earthlings would call tact. When she wanted information she wanted it now.

“Amber I am working on it please leave me alone until I contact you….” Val thought back.

Val did her best to keep her eyes focused on Zeke despite the distraction from Amber. Zeke though proved to be quite perceptive.

“You seem distracted,” Zeke said to Val.

“Just really nervous,” Val told him. “You said you like me… I take that as a good sign…”

Amber though proved to be quite persistent in her own right. “I understand you are working but I’m your boss and need results that I can report to my boss. You’ve been embedded with them for a full day of their time. We are all expecting results…” For an advanced being, Amber could be very pushy.

Zeke stared at Val. “You okay… you seem distracted… I want to hire you, but when you work in a diner you can’t be easily distracted….”

“Come on Val, I need some sort of progress report here….” Amber demanded.

“Val what’s going on?” Zeke asked.

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6 responses

  1. I looked that up. It was indeed hilarious. I meant concentrate. Let’s hope Val isn’t as bad in english as I am.

  2. Really good answer Colgate, but I suggest you look up the difference between the words Concentrate & Consecrate. I am still laughing!

  3. Say to Abner mentally: “I’m working on progress. If you keep distracting me, there’s no progress.” Then say to Zeke: “I just moved in here. I came from different timezone, so I have jetlag and my tired state keeps distracting me. After proper sleep, I can keep consecrated.”

  4. I think Val might tell Zeke that his dinner looks like a good place to work, where she can provide a valuable service to his business while she gains exposure to the variety of people that come in. Possibly that she has dreams of becoming a writer, but that writing does not pay the bills. That nothing is easy and that she can prove her self. This would not be a lifetime carrier for her, but that both of them could benefit from their mutual association until she gets her big break.

  5. Create, and then handle some kind of disturbance in the diner; that will impress Zeke enough to hire her.

  6. I’m impressed by the number of people that want Val to use her wits instead of her abilities.

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