Earth Bound by J. Zakour and Vanelle LeBlanc

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What came before: Val found the perfect diner to work in and while waiting for the manager so that she can convince him to hire her, she comes in contact with an annoying human and must figure out how to deal with him.

Episode 4

The big stocky guy tilted towards Val encroaching on her space without seeming to notice or to care.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah what a night!” he barked into his phone loud enough for everybody in the diner…and probably outside of the diner to hear.

The man bumped Val again. Not even an excuse me, a sorry or an oops.

Carmen stopped in front of the guy. “What can I get you?”

“Coffee! Lots of it!” The big smelly guy ordered without even looking at Carmen.

“Sorry about the big jerk,” Carmen told Val. “Twenty-four-hour diners seem to attract them em, draw em in.”

“Do you get use to them?” Val asked.

Carmen smiled. “You learn to cope with them…”

On one hand Val found herself fairly thrilled that she was in a place that would draw in such a wide array of humans. On the other hand, this smelly guy was really getting on Val’s nerves. His aroma made her eating not nearly as pleasurable as she wanted it to be. Plus he was downright rude to her and Carmen. Amber always insisted that humans had weak minds. Now it was time to put that to the test.

Val concentrated on the man, “You are not wearing any clothing…” she thought to him. “You are only in your underwear and embarrassed.”

Suddenly the man dropped his cell phone. “Holy crap! How could this happen? Especially on the day I wore my Simpsons undies!!” he shouted. He looked down apparently in shock over his Simpsons underwear. He grabbed a few menus from the counter, trying to hide his juvenile selection of undergarments from the rest of the restaurant patrons. The commotion caught attention from several diners as he stuttered and stumbled backwards. He turned and darted out of the diner. The diner erupted in applause.

Val couldn’t help but to smile a little. She had to admit that it felt kind of good. Like she had done a good deed for everyone. Plus now she could eat in peace and quiet!

She turned and started digging back into her food. She took a bite of the meat and savored it.

Val came by holding a pot of coffee. “It takes all kinds,” she said. “Speaking of which, I got Zeke to come over to speak to you. He’ll be here in a second.”

“Actually less than a second,” Zeke said with a slight smile. He extended his hand to Val. He noticed his hand still had a plastic glove on it. He pulled the glove off and extended the hand again.  

Val recognized the gesture and took his hand though she was unsure about the amount of pressure to apply. “My name is, Val!” She shook his arm up and down (as she had studied) and then released it.

“Wow, quite a grip you have there!” Zeke said, opening and closing the hand Val just shook.

Oops, too much pressure Val thought. Humans were fairly fragile.

“So Val, my girl here tells me you’d like to work for me.”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Zeke,” Val said.

“Do you have any experience as a waitress?”

Val took a deep breath. “No,” she answered.

“This is a very busy diner. As you see we get all kinds of characters. We aren’t one of those fancy schmancy establishments where people use different forks. And sometimes you are lucky to get a tip. Not every gal is cut out for it. With no experience, why should I hire you?” Zeke asked.

He didn’t say any of this in a condescending way. It was obvious he wasn’t a mean man. But he did have a business to run. Zeke was used to going through waitresses.

Val thought for a moment…

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5 responses

  1. I don’t think she should over do using the charm aspect, & should only use it when absolutely necessary. I guess you will go with the present “charms” vote poll, but I think that either of the other two choices would be better in my humble opinion.

  2. She has already fessed up as having no experience, but the feeling I get from Zeke is that he works hard and that he would probably respect someone that works hard. Respect by her boss and co-worker seems like it will help provide her the support in a demanding job as a waitress while she continues her study of mankind.

  3. We are open to other suggestions, if any gain traction down i the comments.

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