That Which Remains by Olivia Batker Pritzker

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Previously… Jasper reveals to Juliette that he is a fortune-teller. Readers voted that she agrees to work for him.

Episode 6

Juliette arrived home from her meeting with Jasper to find Roxy sitting at the table with DJ, eating noodles out of a carton. As soon as he saw her, DJ muttered an indistinct hello and slunk off to his room, leaving his noodles on the table. Juliette sighed.

“Hey Jules,” Roxy said perkily. She was wearing a shimmery maroon and silver scarf tied over her blond hair and big silver hoop earrings, and was slurping the noodles as if she hadn’t eaten in months. “How was your meeting?”

Juliette sunk into a chair and pulled DJ’s carton toward her. She loved living with Roxy, and in the past month the two had become very close. She wanted to trust her friend, but Jasper’s voice was stuck in her head – “trustworthy, though she is not who she says she is.” He had refused to say more. Juliette watched Roxy gobble up the noodles warily. Who was she, really? What was she doing there?


Roxy swallowed. “How did it go?!”

“Great,” Juliette said cheerily. “I mean he’s really strange, and I’m still not sure exactly what he does, but he offered me a job and I think I’m going to take it. Part-time, so I can still work at The Mill in case it turns out to be weird in a bad way.”

She grinned and Roxy seemed satisfied, although it was a curious smile that she gave Juliette as she pushed away her carton.

“So you don’t know anything about what he does?”

Juliette tapped her fork against the table. “Sure, I got an idea of it.” She looked at Roxy, deciding to tell the truth. “He’s a fortune-teller.”

Roxy burst out laughing. “No way. Like at a carnival? Does he have a crystal ball?”

Juliette laughed too. It was kind of ridiculous, a modern-day, seemingly serious businessman calling himself a fortune-teller.

“No,” she said, still smiling, “he uses a kind of silver instrument. Like a scale, almost, but different. It has this engraved base -” She broke off. Roxy had gone completely pale, and was staring at Juliette like she’d seen a ghost.

“Roxy?” Juliette asked hesitantly. “Are you ok?”

“Um.” Roxy swallowed. “Yeah, I’m fine, sorry. That sounds interesting.” She stood up with a shaky smile. “I’m actually not feeling that great, I ate these noodles way too fast. I think I’ll go lie down.” She paused. “He didn’t…he didn’t show you, did he? How it works?”

“Nope.” Juliette looked at Roxy intently. “He didn’t use it or anything, just showed it to me. It seems pretty far-fetched, I’ll probably be out of a job by next week.” She smiled, but Roxy was gazing past Juliette and didn’t seem to hear a word she said. Finally she turned and left the room, stopping once more in the doorway. She seemed to be deciding whether or not to speak.

“Juliette,” she said finally, “be careful, ok?”

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