Earth Bound by J. Zakour and Vanelle LeBlanc

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Val, an alien woman from the planet Aqua comes to Earth on a fact-finding mission to see if humans are worth making contact with. 

Episode 1

Beep! Beep!! Beep!!! Blared out from the alarm clock on the nightstand.

Val stirred in bed instinctively turning away from the sound.

Beep!! Beep!!! Beep!!! The sound persisted, growing shriller with each beep. Val had only been on this planet a short time but she had already learned to hate that thing. She spun towards the alarm.

Beep!! Beep!! Beep!!!

Val focused her glare on the clock. The beeping demon imploded as if a giant foot had just come crashing down on it. She sat up in bed and stretched. “Yep I’m going to go through a lot of those”, she muttered to herself.

Val rolled out of bed. She stretched again. Okay now she was starting to wake up. She went to the window and slid the shade up. Peering down on the street below she smiled. Although there weren’t a lot of people out yet, it looked like the street was slowly coming to life…much like Val. The sun shone brightly in a crisp blue sky. The sun here seemed a little closer and the sky a bit bluer than what Val grew up with.

She headed to the bathroom. Her apartment was small, but she liked that, it made it homier. Val eyed her reflection in the mirror, long dark hair, big blue eyes, golden complexion.   From all of her research this should be a look that appealed to the average earthling.

“In coming call from Amber…” the mirror’s computer said.

“Accept,” Val said.

Amber’s image popped into a small window in the corner of the mirror. Amber leaned forward and squinted. “How was the transport? Any side effects?”

Val shook her head. “I feel fine.”

Amber gazed past Val. “I see you found suitable native residence.”

Val nodded. “Yes. The landlord here is a sweet older gentleman named Jackson. I was able to convince him to allow me habitation.”

“So these earth beings are susceptible to our mental manipulation?” Amber asked.

“Yes. And our pheromones…although I do feel guilty. Once I begin my work I will pay him back. I expect to make good tips.”

Amber squinted in the mirror. “What tips? What type of backward society are they? They don’t pay wages? I knew they were a primitive little planet…”

Val smiled. “Yes they do pay wages. But I am going to work as a waitress. This way I will also receive tips.”

“Here’s my first tip for you Val, find another job! Why would you want to be a waitress? That’s a job for robots and not very advanced robots!”

“It’s a noble profession. You are bringing others sustenance, there is no better way to meet and talk with regular, every day earth people. Plus this will allow me to study them in many moods: hungry and satiated.”

Amber shivered. “Just make sure you wash your hands… a lot!”

“Amber they are the same species we are. We just know how to utilize our brains a little better. Many of the earthlings I have met so far seem to have great potential. Sure some of them are jerks, but we have jerks on our planet too. I think jerks are a universal constant…”

“You’re the sociologist, Val. I will bow to your wisdom.”

“Trust me, a restaurant is a great place to work.   I’ve picked out two in the business district. I just need to decide if I should obtain employment at an upscale restaurant or a nice diner…” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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7 responses

  1. Didn’t mean to be anonymous – just didn’t get my name on there properly. Anyway, I did not anticipate the alien being violent and am not sure how gaining employment in a greasy spoon would suggest a violent nature for her. The forces I referred to could be anything from superior intelligence – which is a given with any visiting alien – to powers we might not even be able to imagine. By the way, it’s John who has her destroying the clock.
    As to what kind of restaurant, well, any sort has potential. I thought of a greasy spoon because there’s lots of potential for questionable activities and characters. However, a fancy restaurant has the potential for high-powered encounters. And a nice every-day diner could give you a “Cheers” feel. I just like the idea of finding compassion and intrigue in the underbelly of the city.

  2. Just a suggestion–After getting a diner job, she takes in a down & out fellow waitress as a room mate, to further learn more, close up. It could be sort of a “My Favorite Martian” type of relationship, after her new room mate learns who she really is. It could open up a lot of humorous possibilities during the learning process.

  3. Believe it or not, not on Facebook. To Anonymous – I think you want the story to go in a direction I didn’t get from the reading. I don’t get the sense that Val is some sort of violent, avenging alien, which you seem to be leaning towards. I chose casual diner because you see people as themselves there – in a fancy restaurant people are busy being fancy themselves, it’s not an honest view of humans. A greasy spoon where she has to deal violently with the owner?? Not really a story I would go with.

  4. Hi John and Vanelle,
    Before I suggest where to go next, may I make a small suggestion on the beginning. To make it punchier I would open with this paragraph:
    Val focused her glare on the clock. The beeping demon imploded as if a giant foot had just come crashing down on it. She sat up in bed and stretched. “Yep I’m going to go through a lot of those”, she muttered to herself.
    She had only been on this planet a short time but she had already learned to hate that thing.
    Val rolled out of bed……

    Anyway, good start. The next chapter surely has to have her interviewing for the job – and it’s got to be the greasiest greasy spoon you can come up with. Probably ought to have a lacivious boss who has no idea the forces he’s dealing with. Just my two cents.

  5. I understand her speech patterns and word choices are meant to indicate her alienness (I know, not a real word), but given that she’s trying to appear human I would have liked to see her trying out “Earth language” in her conversation with her handler – who by the way has a very Earth-y name. It seems more like she’s communicating with a sorority sister. Overall a good beginning, though. I would keep reading.

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