Love Spells by L. Casebeer

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In the previous episode, Cynthia Ann is furious when she learns that her brother, the sheriff, left Angelique and the baby at the Florida-Georgia line. Where is Angelique and the baby?

Episode 28

Before Angelique and her baby had ended up on the side of the road in Georgia, courtesy of the sheriff, they had lived with Cynthia Ann, an older woman who grew herbs and advised people in Florida, a cousin of one of Angelique’s friends up north. In fact, Cynthia Ann had taken Angelique in when she was pregnant and had gone with her when she went to the hospital to have the baby.

In the months after, she had begun to think of Angelique and the baby as family. When Cynthia Ann discovered what her brother, the sheriff, has done, amid cursing, she insists he find and return Angelique and the baby to her. The sheriff has taken off to call a friend to help him look but hasn’t much idea where to begin.

Meanwhile, somewhere in southern Georgia…a baby is screaming at the farmer who is holding him and his mother is missing when a woman enters the barn. The woman’s features show that she was very pretty once, but lines have hardened in her face. Her dark hair, streaked with gray, is pulled into a bun at the back of her neck. The plain gold band on her hand matches one on the farmer’s hand. She is shouting to be heard over the baby’s cries.

“What have you done, Fred?”

“Look here at what I brought you. You can’t be mad about that. Can’t be more than a few months old and look how much he needs you.” He holds the screaming baby out to her, legs flailing.

She takes the baby and begins to shush him, but then turns back around. “Have you done it again, Fred? Where is the girl. I know there was a girl with this baby. There’s always a girl.”

“Now don’t you worry your pretty head about that. You just take this baby and see what you can find to do for him. Shelley up the road must have some baby things left from her last one. He’s hungry and he’s tuckered out.”

She rocks the baby back and forth in her arms and the wails begin to slow. “You can’t keep her, you know. They will find you and this time they won’t listen to you about how she tried to shoot you.”

“Now honey,” he began. “If I turn her loose, she’ll just come looking for the baby. She’s just a kid having kids. A slut by the looks of it.”

“Fred, I may have wanted a baby all of my life, but not at the cost of hers.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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