Heart of Palms by Holly L. Aasen

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Previously… Following Denny’s sudden death, Lily is trying to pick up the pieces and is headed to LA with her sister Ella to launch her singing career.

Episode 8

Ella decided that it was perfect timing for her to get away from the hospital and help her sister Lily get settled in LA. They had wanted their mother to join them for a few days but Veronica was still under suspicion by the police in the poisoning of her father and not allowed to leave the state. Detectives had found nothing in their investigation of the estate but she would not be cleared for several more weeks.

As the sisters arrived in LA, a driver with a luxurious limo greeted them, ready to take them to what would be their temporary new home. Lily finally smiled for the first time in weeks as she opened the door to a stunning palace. This had all been set up by the movie director who wanted his newly discovered gem to be well taken care of while she worked on the movie. This grand mansion overlooked the entire city of LA and came complete with an Olympic size pool, tennis courts and even a bowling alley. The girls had lived in a posh estate all of lives but this was definitely far beyond what Oak Hill had to offer.

Little did Ella know that Caesar, the drug lord, was still tracking her and watching her every move. Ever since Cole’s disappearance from the hospital, Caesar’s men had been following her. They believed Cole’s father would eventually reach out to Ella to arrange a check-up for his condition, particularly since he still couldn’t speak. They knew it was only a matter of time before she would see him since Cole’s father trusted her greatly. In the meantime, they would wait patiently until contact was made and then they would make their move to return Maya and the baby to Cesar.

Ella and Lily oriented themselves with their new surroundings and wandered the grounds taking in all of the exotic and beautiful plants and flowers around them. Then they explored the house a bit more visiting each room in this enormous 23-bedroom house. It was enough to get lost in for quite a while. Once they had seen everything, they unpacked their things and changed into their bathing suits in order to take advantage of the beautiful pool. As they grabbed a couple of towels and packed up a cooler full of beers preparing to relax at the pool, the doorbell chimed. They weren’t expecting anyone so it was a surprise when the butler announced that they had a visitor. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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