Love Spells by L. Casebeer

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In the previous episode, the man that gave Angelique a ride offers her something for “energy”. Did she accept the offer?

Episode 27

Before Angelique and her baby had ended up on the side of the road in Georgia, they had lived with Cynthia Ann, an older woman who grew herbs and advised people in Florida, a cousin of one of Angelique’s friends up north. In fact, Cynthia Ann had taken her in and gone with her when she went to the hospital to have the baby. In the months after, she Angelique had begun to think of her as family.

Now, Cynthia Ann was the woman screaming at the sheriff.

“What did you think you were doing? You’re an idiot. A goddamned idiot!”

“Now Cynthia Ann, she was taking advantage of you. You don’t always know what’s good for you.”

“You left a woman and a baby on the side of the road in Georgia! What were you thinking?”

“It was just across the state line and she only had to walk a ways to the women’s shelter.”

“I don’t even know where to begin with you. A goddamned idiot. She never made it to the shelter.”

“Now Cynthia Ann, we don’t know that for sure and I’m sure she and the baby are just fine.”

“You drove her off. I know you did. You made it clear she wasn’t welcome here. Why would you do that?”

“Because you can be a foolish old woman when it comes to young girls and babies. They just take everything you give them.”

“Well maybe that’s just because I want them to. Did you ever think of that? That I might want somebody in my life besides people like you, you old fart. You don’t know anything. I had gotten used to having that baby around.”

“Now Cynthia Ann, you don’t need to go and get all huffy about it. Besides she stole from you.”

“Only a little when she left after you drove her off. How else was she going to feed the baby? You listen to me. Your partner George told me what you did. And I called the shelter that’s over the state line. She never made it there. You are going to go right back there and find Angelique and bring her and that sweet baby back!”

“Well how am I supposed to do that? She’s in Georgia, not Florida. I don’t have any authority over the state line.”

“Well you should have thought of that! You’re the sheriff aren’t you? You catch criminals? I never did think you were too good at that anyway but you lost her. You can find her. You ought to be able to find one innocent young woman and a baby. She can’t have gone too far.”

“Innocent? Not by a long shot.”

“Are you listening to me? You get that girl and that baby back here!” Tears glistened in Cynthia Ann’s eyes. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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