Love Spells by L. Casebeer

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In the previous episode, Angelique was offered a ride by a man in an old pick up full of hay. Readers voted that she flirt with the farmer and ask for a ride.

Episode 26

And so as we look in again on Angelique, we find her alongside a dirt road just across the state line in Georgia, where a sheriff from Florida couldn’t get rid of her and her baby quickly enough. Who does that…leave a young woman and her baby out on the side of the road in the middle of the day with nothing? Well, Angelique did run away and break the heart of the sheriff’s good-hearted sister who had come to love Angelique and the baby. Probably stole a little money to get by. But still. A mother and her baby?

The sheriff had pointed her in the direction of a town and a shelter but Angelique continued to curse the cloud of dust that was left behind by the sheriff’s car as she shushed her baby who was rubbing his eyes and screaming. She had started walking and had walked a good mile or so trailed by a dog that had started to follow her, the baby drifting off to sleep, when a truck had rattled up behind her and stopped.

“Hello little darlin’,” a man with brown eyes and straight blonde hair falling into his face greeted her. About forty or fifty years old she guessed. “What in the world you doin’ out here with a baby all by your lonesome? Nothin’ out on this road but trees and logging and a few farms for miles.” He drove a pick-up truck with bales of hay in the back.

Angelique’s feet ached and the baby, Chuckie, seemed heavier with every step she took. This man could have been anybody after her for just about anything and she would have flirted with him until he gave her a ride and agreed to let the dog into the back with the hay. She asked about the shelter. He said he didn’t know about any shelter but the town was a little more than two miles ahead and they would be there soon.

“Why is the dirt red?” she asked after she had settled in the seat with the baby on her lap. “Never seen dirt like this before. Looks like nothing would grow in it.”

“You’re in Georgia, girl. Red dirt country. Clay makes it red like that mop of your hair. You got a name?”

“Grace,” she told him. Time for a change, she thought. The sun was warm on her face through the window and it felt good to be riding instead of walking.

“Peanuts and strawberries. That’s what grows. Hay in the back with that good-for- nothing dog is for the cattle.”

She was quiet for a moment, resting her head against the side of the truck.

“You look about as tuckered out as he is.”

“You talk funny,” she replied.

“Not used to people from these parts I reckon. Anyhoo, how about I put some of these 5 hour energy drops in that bottle of water for you? Perk you right up.”

“ Just the water please.” Angelique could almost taste the cold water on her dry lips. “I’m still nursing the baby.” As soon she said that she wished she hadn’t. She had figured out men were usually too interested in her breasts after she told them that.

“Course you are” he said looking over at the cleavage showing at the edge of her tank top. “But giving his mama a little energy won’t hurt neither.” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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