Heart of Palms by Holly L. Aasen

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Previously, after missing her chance at fame, Lily had planned to go to Las Vegas for a big wedding with Denny. Ivy was determined that would not happen and that Denny must be eliminated.

Episode 7

It had been exactly one week since Denny had gone sky diving with a group of friends in Las Vegas as part of his bachelor party festivities the day before his wedding. His parachute cord had tangled within the chute and failed to open. He died instantly upon impact in the desert. Today his funeral was over, the flowers were fading, and life for Lily was just supposed to carry on as usual even though the love of her life and her best friend was gone forever.

Lily had been inconsolable with grief. There was only one thing keeping her going and giving her hope to be able to lift her head out of the pillows each day. It was with great luck that before the tragedy, she had been singing in a karaoke bar where a famous producer who had been working on an upcoming animated movie, heard her sing. He fell in love with her voice and insisted that she was “the one” for the voice of one of the main characters, a singing seahorse, “Sassy Sally”. She had been on such a high when the accident happened. Then her whole future changed in just the blink of an eye. There would be no wedding plans, no honeymoon plans, and no happily-ever-after. There would only be funeral plans and an uncertain future for Lily.

On the other hand, Ivy was finally at peace. She needed Lily to succeed and knew that this would be the right path to push her toward the fame she must attain. She could hardly wait until the next council meeting of the Eristocrats to update them on the status of her fifth and final goal. Her subject, Lily, was so close to achieving fame out of this lovely bit of chaos. Never mind that Ivy had orchestrated Denny’s demise through an associate of hers who knew how to stage an untraceable “accident”. And never mind that she also coordinated that movie producer’s presence at the karaoke bar. Ivy believed these to be irrelevant conditions that contributed to chaos. All that mattered was that Lily would rise and thrive out of this to gain the notoriety that would make her a star.

Lily had to pull herself together and head out to LA to begin recording for the movie. She felt scared and lonely at the thought of going out there by herself. She knew her mother wouldn’t leave the company and she didn’t have any friends who could leave their jobs and real life in order to join her for the time she would need to be there. Then she had a thought; maybe she could convince someone to go with her. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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