The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

ZNJCoverFinal episode!

Previously… Zach suspects that Taylor Swift clone is Taylor Swift…

Episode 39

Looking around, I notice everybody in the mall has disappeared, well everybody except the Taylor Swift clone and me.

I point at her. “You’re not a clone. Are you…”

She nods.

“Wait, if you are really HER you should be over 70 now…”

“Zach, please you’re never suppose to talk about age with a woman. Don’t make my clone write a song about you. It could ruin your career,” she grins.

“Yeah, sorry… ”I pause for a second. “Anyhow, as impolite as it may be I am guessing you are WAY older than 70…”

Another nod and a slight smile. “Let’s just put it this way, my people and I help seed the Earth a couple hundred thousand of your years ago, give or take…” A sigh. “Most of my people have transcended to other planes but I’m not one to seed an run. I wanted to see how you all turned out. For the most part I was happy observing, maybe giving you guys a little nudge now and then…”

I think about what she said. “Let me guess, the Gladians got too involved for you.”

She touches me on the shoulder. “Yes the Gladians saw the potential in human DNA to create a new breed of humans. One that they could use as tools. Around 100 of your years ago they started doing experiments on you. I thought they would grow bored and stop but they didn’t. I decided to make myself one of you to keep a closer eye on both you and the Gladians…”

“So you became a rock star?” I ask.

She shrugs. “No reason why I can’t have a lot of fun while I observe. It was great for a decade or two…but then the media got a bit much. DOS there was even a Reddit forum about my under arms. It was either turn them all to worms or disappear…”

“Ah, man you should have done the worms thing…” I smile. “Okay, so why does Sexy have some of your DNA?”

“You know Zach, I am a vastly powerful being. I think something and it pretty much becomes reality…”

“That would explain the success of your music career,” I say with enough lilt in my voice to let her to know I’m mostly kidding. “But I shouldn’t interrupt…”

Taylor nods. “I wanted to be a mom. So she’s half human and half what I am.”

“That explains why she succeeds at everything she does… without even trying.” I take in everything I just heard. “I assume she has no idea she is what she is?”

Taylor shakes her head. “No, I want her to have as normal of a life as possible. Well as normal of an amazing life as possible.”

“Okay so what now?” I ask.

“You know the truth but you’re the only one… and if you tell anybody you’ll instantly start singing and dancing to You Belong to Me. I’ve erased the last days from the Gladians’ memories. How you deal with the Earth situation is up to you.”

With those words she disappears. Everybody else turns back on.

“What happened?” Sexy asks me looking around. “Where did the T Swift clone go?”

“She had to go get her nails done,” I tell Sexy.

“Oh, okay,” Sexy says with a smile. She leans in and whispers to me. “Now Zach did you find my case?”

I nod. “I did. Turns out Helena Gevada and your fellow council members don’t trust you handling nuclear weapons.”

Sexy exhales. “Phew what a relief. I am so glad I didn’t lose them.”

“You don’t mind what they did?”

Sexy waves at me. “Nah, that makes total sense, those things creep me out.”

“Well I guess I’ll leave you to your shopping then,” I tell Sexy.

“Thanks Zachy!”

HARV, Carol and I walk out of the store.

“So what do I tell my grandma and the Gladians about Sexy?” Carol asks me.

“Tell em the truth. She’s just a low level psi with a slight mutant gene, that’s why you have trouble reading her. She’s no threat to anybody.”

“You sure of that?” Carol asks with eyebrow raised.

“Yeah. You sure?” HARV asks.

I nod. “Yes I am quite,” I say confidently. I could only hope it was true. After all I had just learned that Taylor Swift was a vastly powerful being. How could that be a bad thing?

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