The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… A T Swfit clone has appeared and is super powerful…

Episode 38

The T Swift clone holds out her hand. A round domed tiny space ship appears in her hand. It looks like a toy but I know full well that seconds ago that was a real full-sized space ship on a crash course for this mall.

“Impressive,” I tell the super clone.

“Way sub zero!” Sexy says, her mouth wide open. “Can I learn to do that?”

“Scary!” HARV and Carol both say in my mind.

The T Swift clone smiles and shakes her head. “Silly Gladians, they truly had no idea how powerful I am. They are mere toys to me…”

“Put em on the ground and squish them under your heel!” Sexy coaches.

“You know a truly advanced being would show mercy now,” I say.

The T Swift clone licks her lips. “You do have a point.” She glares at the mini-ship. “But I find these Gladians so annoying…”

“Yeah, you’re not alone. Still, squishing them can’t be a good thing,” I say.

T Swift smiles. “But it would be so satisfying after over 70 years of putting up with these creeps…they’re worse than the e-tabloids.”

“Yeah, I get it, I really do, but you’re an advanced being so you will show pity…” I pause for a second then decide to add, “Just shake it off…” I can’t help but to smile.

The clone grins at me. “Oh that’s right you are a fan of the old times….” She lifts her hand holding the mini-ship to her mouth. She breathes on it. The ship simply disappears. “I just sent them home,” she reassures me.

“Good…” I tell her. Then something she had sent clicks in my mind. “Wait? Seventy years? We’ve only been cloning for like 30 years and you can’t be more than twenty something…Back me up on this one HARV…”

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