The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… A T Swift clone has appeared…

Episode 37

“Shoot! Shoot!! Shoot that hideous creature!” the Gladians shout all at the same time all pointing to the T Swift clone.

I turn towards the clone with her long blonde hair and perfect complexion. She is wearing a short red dress with yellow streaks in it that compliment her hair and skin. “She’s far from hideous,” I tell the Gladians.

“Thank you, Zach,” the clone says with a slight smile.

The three Gladians stomp the ground in unison, fists curled. “It’s not her looks, it’s her mind that is hideous! She is an abomination from a long gone race that should have stayed gone.”

“Can you tell me what these guys are talking about?” I ask the clone. “It sounds like gibberish to me.”

“It is not gibberish!” the three Gladians shout, stomping their feet again.

The clone nods. “It may be gibberish but they are correct!”

“See, we told you! The hideous creature admits to being a hideous creature! Blast it now Zachary Nixon Johnson! Save our worlds…” the Gladians cry.

“Wait, if she really is that powerful why do you think I can take her out?” I ask the Gladians.

Two of them shrug. The one in the middle says, “We’re just hoping you get lucky…”

The clone waves to the three aliens. “Say, bye-bye!”

The three disappear.

“Did you vaporize them?” I ask.

She shakes her head. “Nah, I just sent them back to their ship, giving them a chance to do the right thing.”

Sexy stands up and walks over to us. “Thanks for coming to the rescue T Swift…”

The pop star politician and the clone of a pop star hug.

“Ah, I hate to break up this happy moment, but the Gladian ship has entered Earth orbit and according to my calculations, they are aiming the ship at this mall…”HARV says.

The T Swift clone shakes her head, “They are so primitive.” She holds up an arm. “I gave them a chance to flee, but now I will simply melt them and their silly little ship…”

Tió, you can’t let this clone destroy the Gladian ship. Yeah they may be jerks… but still they are jerks we know….” I hear Carol say in my head. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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