The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… The alien Gladians have arrived and want to take Sexy with them.

Episode 36

“We repeat, Sexy Sprockets is very dangerous,” the three Gladians say. “We must take her now.”

The two Gladians with laser cannons point them at me. I’ve had more than enough experience with Gladians in the past to know not to really trust them. Yeah, they did give Earth a lot of tech but something inside of me tells me they have an end game that is not all that altruistic.

Shaking my head I tell them. “Nope, sorry, not letting the aliens take the Earth girl away for experiments. No way that ends well….”

“Sexy is not of this Earth…” the three Gladians insist.

“Am too!” Sexy says.

HARV steps between the Gladians and me. He projects a series of photos of Sexy from birth up through adolescence. “There is a very complete history of Sexy online that synchs with her DNA. She was born of this Earth.”

The aliens nod. “Born of this Earth, but not from this Earth. She was a plant…”

“Look I’m not the brightest person, but I’m no plant!” Sexy protests.

The aliens roll their eyes. They have such huge eyes it’s quite the sight. The three aliens steady themselves. “Look we have to take her!”

I turn to Carol who has been surprisingly quiet this whole time. “What are your thoughts on this, Chica?”

Carol just stands there, frozen.

“Why did you guys freeze Carol?” I ask, trying hard to stay calm. I really didn’t need to start another interplanetary incident.

The alien’s eyes all open wide, they are clearly as surprised as I am. “We had nothing to do with this…”

I turn to Sexy. “Did you do this?”

“I wish!”

“It was me,” a lyrical voice says from behind.

I turn and see a tall thin woman with short blond hair. She is quite pleasant looking.

“Hey! It’s a T Swift clone!” Sexy says.

“We must stop that creature!” the Gladians shout.

They point their weapons at the T Swift clone. The T Swift clone snaps her fingers. The Gladians’ weapons melt in their hands. Okay now that’s something I wasn’t expecting.

The three Gladians are actually sweating now. “Zachary Nixon Johnson stop that horror!” they shout. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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