The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach and Carol decide to test Sexy while she is shoe shopping…

Episode 30

“Sir,” the lady with the long nose says to me, “I’m not sure what you are doing here. Clearly you are not with this fine young lady.” She accents that by nodding towards Sexy. It was her subtle way of telling me I was far too old for Sexy.

I sit back in the chair and look down at Sexy’s feet. “What can I say? I like feet!”

The lady shudders. “Miss, if this cad is bothering you….”

Sexy waves a finger at her. “Nope, I love it when people admire my feet.” She lifts her foot and waves her toes under the lady’s nose. “After all I have great feet.”

The woman smiles. “Very well ma’am. Let me find you a couple more nice pairs to try on.”

As the woman walks away I turn my attention to Sexy and the other sales people keeping their attention on her. “You really do know how to draw attention…”

Sexy smiles at me. “It is truly one of my greatest gifts. Of all the things I’m so good at this is probably the thing I am best at!” she beams.

“Well that and modesty…” I add.

Sexy taps me on the shoulder, “Zachster, being cynical does not suit you.” The smile on her face straightens. “So, I assume by your little visit you’ve made progress on your little mission for me…”

“Ah what mission?” I decide to egg her on a little thinking that could keep her off guard. All the while I keep humming in my mind the words to The Love Shuttle… “The love shuttle soon will be blasting off…the love shuttle will circle the moon with love….”

Sexy nudges me gently. “You know the one about the K A S E….”

HARV appears from my wrist communicator except he appears as an average BOB model holo-assistant: tall, dark hair, young and handsome. “Greetings Miss,” he says with a bow, “how nice it is to see you enjoying yourself. I am here to tell you the weather for today is sunning.” This is apparently HARV’s way of being incognito and letting me know Carol’s attack on Sexy has begun.

“So Mr. person I barely know, do you have any new news for me, a humble shopper?” Sexy asks curling her hands under her chin. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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