The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach and Carol decide to test Sexy while she is shoe shopping…

Episode 29

I walk up towards Sexy, humming in my mind the theme to the hit HV series Mutant Love. “Yes he has three eyes, yes she has extra thick thighs, but it doesn’t matter at all because they are mutants who have fallen… in lovepeople look at them in dismay but they don’t care what they say… cause they are mutants in love… ” Yeah it’s pretty trite but it does the trick of keeping psis out of my head.

Now Sexy has three of the store’s sales force attending to her. One is slipping a red spiked heel on her left foot. Another is massaging her right foot. A third, an older man, is fetching other boxes of shoes. Yep, even here, even incognito Sexy has the world at her feet. Even the other patrons in the store are paying more attention to her then they are their own shopping. Not sure if it is more impressive or scary.

I circle behind Sexy. Not sure why, just seems right. “Hello, average citizen,” I say.

Sexy turns her head towards me and smiles. “Hi, average PI.”

“There is no such thing…” I note. I jump over the row of chairs and sit down next to her.

One of the attendants, a snooty looking lady with a long nose, looks down that nose at me and scolds, “Sir, that is not how one acts in Jimmy Choo-II.”

“Sorry…” I tell her.

Sexy giggles.

The woman looks at me. “You do realize this is a fine lady’s shoe store. Correct?”

Sexy giggles more.

The good news is this is certainly keeping Sexy off guard. The thing is, this lady is really irking me off. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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