The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach and Carol devise a plan but one of Carol’s admirers may get in the way…

Episode 28

Carol and I take my Mustang to the union mall, a glimmering silver pyramid that has sadly become the heart of the shopping district. The place is awful tacky even for my tastes, but I guess when you want to draw shoppers in, tacky works.

Pulling into the parking lot near the glowing main entrance I ask HARV, “Sexy is still in the shoe store. Correct?”

HARV nods. “Yes, she has many boxes of shoes being stacked for her, she’s not going anywhere…”

I look at Carol. “Okay give me three minutes then follow me in.”

“Why three minutes?” Carol asks.

I shrug. “Just feels right.”

Entering the mall I speed past the crowds and the personalized ads that appear on the wall screens as I walk by. I freely admit to not being comfortable in the mall, not really sure why. After all, I am an old fashioned guy and the mall is an old fashion place – a place where people go to physically purchase products. (Or at the very least try out products before they or their e-assistants buy them online.) I guess I intrinsically don’t trust people trying to sell me something. And here at the mall there is a lot of selling going on.

“Zach, let’s keep an eye on the prize,” HARV coaxes.

“I can walk and ponder at the same time,” I insist.

I see Sexy sitting in the middle of the shoe store; she is wearing a big hat and sunglasses so I’m guessing nobody has figured out who she is yet. Yet somehow she is still dominating the store with three human and one robotic salesperson either waiting on her or holding her boxes.

Is Carol in position?” I ask HARV.


Can she see Sexy?”

Ditto, but remember do not think anything about this as you approach Sexy. We can’t take the chance that she can read you and therefore fake it again…” HARV warns.

Okay time for action.

The trick off course is keeping Sexy from mentally probing me. My oldest psi defense is humming the theme to old HV shows. Just wondering if that will make Sexy suspicious. Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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