The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach Carol devise a plan but one of Carol’s admirers may get in the way…

Episode 27

The big bald dude storms over at me. His fists and jaw are clenched. He means business.

Carol stands between big bruiser and me, she puts out a hand. “Bruno, Zach is my uncle in-law and boss. He means me no harm…”

Bruno looks at me with one eye wide open and another eye squinting. I believe this means he’s thinking. “Well, just because he’s your boss that doesn’t mean he can boss you around,” he says slowly.

HARV appears between us, he is dress in a black graduation cap and gown. He is holding a dictionary. HARV expands his arms and sticks the dictionary in Bruno’s face. “Actually that’s kind of what bosses do…”

Bruno swats through the holographic book. “I know that! I’m not an idiot!”

HARV straightens his cap, “Sir, I wasn’t implying that you are an idiot. I was just giving you information. It’s what I do…”

“That and annoying people,” I add.

A faint trace of a grin shows from Bruno. But the grin quickly is replaced by a grimace. “The thing is, this place here isn’t her job! This is where Carol comes to relax and unwind. This is a no boss zone…”

HARV spins his slowly 360 degrees as only a hologram can. “There are no signs marking that.”

Bruno rolls his eyes. “It’s kind of implied being a gym and all….”

I give Carol a slight nudge. “Will you help him understand…?”

Carol steps between HARV and Bruno. She touches Bruno gently on the shoulder. “Bruno, everything is going to be fine. I have a little work to do but then I’ll be back…”

The big lug smiles. “You promise?”

Carol smiles back. “Of course….”

Bruno turns and walks away.

Turning back to the business at hand. “HARV, is Sexy still shoe shopping…?”   

HARV nods.   “Yes she seems fairly entrenched there. I’m actually kind of surprised nobody has figured out who she is yet… I know nobody recognizes politicians but Sexy was a pop star.”

“She’s probably keeping them confused with her psi powers,” Carol says. She looks at me. “So we traveling to the mall together or do I follow you?” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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