The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach and Carol look for a way to test Sexy…

Episode 26

I think a bit more. We could call Sexy to the gym. All the man-meat around would certainly distract her but she still might get leery. After all what reason would we use? I’ve learned Sexy isn’t as naïve as she seems. Inviting her to another neutral spot could work, but it would probably be best if I just meet Sexy where she is now. Especially since she seemed most at home and at ease while shopping.

“HARV, you have Sexy’s current location. Right?”

HARV nods. “She appears to be quite happy shopping incognito.   She is still shoe shopping in Jimmy Choo-II at the Union mall. She has tried on 13 pairs and purchased 3….”

“How far away from somebody can you be to still mind zap em?” I ask Carol.

“If I can see em I can zap em…” Carol tells me.

“There is a Caffeine Corner right across from Jimmy Choo-II, Carol should be able to see Sexy from there. Even if Sexy somehow noticed Carol, I doubt she would suspect Carol is trying to mind control her,” HARV says.

“That’s our plan then. We head to the mall, I distract Sexy while you mind zap her” I tell Carol.

“Sounds like a plan,” she says.

“Not the best plan,” HARV says. “But it is technically a plan.”

“HARV, make sure you record both Carol and Sexy…”

HARV rolls his eyes. “Zach I didn’t roll off the assembly line yesterday…”

I nod. “Good then we have a plan.” I take Carol by the hand and start to lead her out of the gym. “Let’s roll before….”

Carol pulls back a bit. “Ah, shouldn’t I shower, first?”

Shaking my head, “Nah, remember you always smell good.” Looking past Carol I see the big bald guy barreling towards me, fists clenched.

The big bald dude points, “Hey, you, get your dirty hands off my Carol!” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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