The Case of the Missing Case by John Zakour

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Previously… Zach questioned Carol…

Episode 24

I look Carol in the eyes. “Okay, so you tried to mind zap Sexy and you failed. Correct?”

“Correct,” Carol says without blinking.

“HARV, do you have any record of that event?” I ask.

HARV shakes his head. “Sorry, Zach, I know Carol values her privacy so I only check in on her when we need her or when she needs us.” He pauses for a moment. “I could check the mall security cameras but that wouldn’t confirm that Carol tried to control Sexy.”

“Trust me, Zach, I did!” Carol insists.

I think about what Carol said. There’s no reason in the known worlds why Carol would lie. But that still didn’t mean that Sexy was an alien. “So, why did you jump to the conclusion that Sexy is an alien?” I ask Carol bluntly.

“You know I have a side job, right?” Carol says.

Yeah, of course I realize that Carol has a side job working as Earth’s representative to the Gladians the race of advanced aliens that made contact with Earth some 30 years ago. We get a lot of our technology from the Gladians; still they remain quite elusive. Most humans have never seen one live. I’m of course not most humans. I’ve seen more Gladians than I care to remember.

“What do the Gladians have to do with this mess?” I ask Carol.

She looks away. “The Gladians warned me that there would be another alien presence on Earth. One not as kind as them. One that would be immune to psi power. One that would seek to become popular and find a position of power.” She took a deep breath. “Sound familiar?” Vote below on what will happen next or if reading in email click Take our Poll.

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  1. I hope we get to meet some Gladians, regardless of how this poll turns out.

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